A Note About Nashville Advanced Previews and Promotional Materials...

As you all know, The TV Ratings Guide became one of the homes of acclaimed and highly-viewed Nashville advanced previews, reviews, and promotional items during season five and we continued to post these up until the midseason finale of season six. Sadly, I have some unfortunate news regarding the future of these pieces.

For reasons I'm not even certain of, The TV Ratings Guide has stopped receiving the materials necessary to post the advanced previews, promotional items, and timely reviews for the family drama.

Needless to say, you will sadly not be seeing any previews or promotional items for the remainder of season six. Please remember I didn't stop writing them, we were quietly removed from the list of people to write the piece.

Thanks for reading, loving, and sharing how much you enjoyed these previews and reviews for the last half a season, I've enjoyed writing them for you.

Sound off in the comments or on Twitter! You know where to reach me!😞

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