The CW to Reboot Cult Hit, "Cult"

The CW has officially joined in on the reboot craze, throwing their hat in the game with cult hit, Cult.

You may find it hard to remember what Cult was, so I'll give you a little refresher before we get to the news.

Cult was a-- show that aired on The CW back in 2013 that followed The Vampire Diaries veteran Matthew Davis in the role of Jeff, a blogger, who begins to investigate the fans of a hit TV show entitled Cult, who he believed were recreating the horrendous actions and crimes of the TV show in real life.

Cult premiered to a stellar 0.3, and aired half the season before being pulled (and later burned off in the summer) after hitting the treacherous 0.1 demo. You're probably wondering why a network would reboot such a smash-hit, we all are. However, The CW claims that the show has put up amazing Netflix numbers and has since become a cult hit.

Mark Pedowitz had this to say

"We here at The CW love Cult. It's such a unique little show that needs to be seen. We could not be happier to be bringing it back to your screens next year. Of course were wish it did more back in 2013, but the numbers we are seeing online for it are just something else. I am very confident it will become a defining show for us."

Matthew Davis and Jessica Lucas are expected to return.

What do you think of this fake news? Let us know in the comments below!

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