Nashville S6E7 Review

Nashville S6E7 Review


This week, Juliette is missing.


Maddie is going to Miami with Jonah. Deacon and Jessie are still going strong, sadly, and their relationship is so cringy. Bucky tells the group that reporters want to talk to Alannah alone, but she denies them and says the reporters have to talk to the whole band. Maddie and Jonah make it to Miami with Twig. Deacon and Jessie go to an open house show and tell to watch Daphne and Jake perform. I can't believe Nashville has become a show with junior high open houses. Brad is there with them and his new wife. Riveting. Jake performs the worst thing I have ever heard. It was terribly performed, written, and acted. My ears bled. I think the point was to show that Jake hates his dad. Avery and Cadence are at the airport to pick up Juliette (again), but once again, she's not there. The crew tells Avery they knew Juliette wasn't coming back.


Avery can't find Juliette and when he calls the cult headquarters in Bolivia, they aren't any help. They just tell him Juliette is safe, they can't say anything else, and that she can call him whenever she'd like. Brad causes tension between Jessie, Deacon, and the kids. I was on the edge of my seat. Gunnar tries to find out more about Alannah from her, but she doesn't want to give out any information. She is Erin 2.0. Maddie, Jonah, and Twig face a crazy crowd.


Maddie and Jonah perform. Avery confides in Deacon. The band and Alannah give an interview, but they only care about asking Alannah about her life and talking to her. The band talks about who they are and the fun of it. Alannah gets a message from Brad trying to poach her.


Twig flirts with Maddie. Jonah has to go work, leaving Maddie with Twig and some other teens to party. Daphne sees a commercial for an American Idol-esque show, and she wants to join it, but Deacon says they have better plans for her when she's ready.  Alannah is ignoring Gunnar, so he comes over to have a "bro night" with Avery. There is a lot of terrible writing. Avery ends up telling him about Juliette. The teens pull out some drugs, Maddie doesn't want any, but they force Twig to have some. I am questioning why they thought anyone wanted to see teens getting high. I cringed the entire time at the terrible writing and plot.


Gunnar and Alannah talk about their relationship. Alannah tells Gunnar some rude remarks and threatens to leave the band. Avery and Deacon talk about what to do about Juliette, when Deacon tells him he should go get her. Twig, having been on hard drugs for the first time, freaks out. Deacon serves Jake dinner where they bond and talk about their fathers. This scene was so bad, ugh. Deacon and Jessie have sex. Deyna was clearly getting the book closed on them the last two weeks, and now the writers have fully proceeded with Jeacon -- ugh. The band performs a terrible song. Maddie and Twig bond where they talk about Twig's parents and his family. Ugh why are we stuck seeing the backstory of some teen newbie when we can't even see the lead? Nobody is here for this. The band gets into a fight but it is stopped when Avery tells the band he's leaving to go get Juliette.


Avery gets to the creepy Bolivian cult headquarters. He has to force his way in. Twig is jealous when watching Maddie and Jonah. Alannah comes back to Gunnar. Will is exercising and collapses. Avery finally sees Juliette. She is acting TOTALLY brainwashed and crazy. She says she chose not to call him, and that she's not herself anymore, but she's now more herself than she's ever been. (wth) She tells Avery he is part of the problem, but it wasn't his fault that he kept her the way he was. She goes on to say she can't have anything to do with him or her old life until she fills the hole in her heart. Avery tries to take her home, but she yells and say she's not coming home. Avery asks about Cadence but she says she will just have to FaceTime her; Cadence isn't the problem, she is. Juliette says how she can't communicate with anyone else until she changes that. Avery gets on his knees begging her to come back with him, and she says she's already made her decision. Avery gets up, hurt, now realizing who Juliette is, and walks out. 


I can't with the ending scene. As you may know, I am Juliette and Javery's biggest fan. And I have stayed that through the terrible fifth and sixth seasons, but no longer. Juliette can't keep treating her loved ones like this and Avery can't keep taking her back (he's a doormat if he does) whenever the writers decide to make her not crazy anymore. But who knows if that will even happen as MH said not everyone will receive a happy ending. Why was this necessary? Why is the final season being filled with the lead hardly in the show and now brainwashed in a cult? This isn't realistic or about music. Nobody wants to see this. 

Aside from this, everything else was just terrible, boring, and uninteresting. Who wants to see Maddie and some high teens, or a troubled teen screaming to an audience at show and tell? Everything that goes on in this show now is either boring, unrealistic, badly written, flat out not entertaining, or all of the above. This episode, however, reached a new low. I never thought I would see a worse episode in Nashville than ones witnessed last year, but MH never ceases to amaze me in a bad way. This week was truly horrifying. 

Random thought: Aside from the band, where are all the music plots in a music show? 

A look on the bright side: Cadence was amazing to see this week! And I also enjoyed seeing Glenn. 

What did you think of "Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound"? Let us know in the comments below!

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