Nashville S6E5 Review

Nashville S6E5 Review

"Where The Night Goes"

*Spoilers Ahead*


Deacon and Jessie are out on a date. Before things get serious the two realize they need protection, but should first wait. Bucky is scheduling tour dates for the no named guy band and all of the sudden Gunnar starts singing higher than Minnie Mouse. They all realize they need a girl for the band. Juliette has already told Avery about her sexual abuse and she tells him her whole life would have been different if it wasn't for the rape. Avery questions if every choice including Javery was a mistake as Juliette says.


Maddie sees that Jonah's ex made a diss track about her, and it's the worst thing I've ever heard. My poor ears (and the budget looks like it was about seven dollars). Deacon and Jessie make a plan to meet up. The three guys look for a girl for their band and can't find anyone. There's a series of terrible singers that is supposed to be funny and it's just cringy. They eventually find Alannah, and she is the worst one so far, but they go with her. Darius asks Juliette how her life would have been if it wasn't for her attack. Would she have been famous, had a kid, met Avery? - he asks. He calls her a narcissist and tells her she's an amazing human being. Darius tells her she needs to give back by working in an outreach program in Bolivia. He says her daily life can't dilute her awakening.


The guys drill Alannah and find out all about her life and availability. Gunnar definitely wants to date her. I can't believe I have to write this sentence but Deacon goes to buy condoms, like he's a high school kid (he's been around the bush outside of Rayna before.. c'mon, writers). Juliette is hesitant when telling Avery about her taking on "the project" in Bolivia. Avery is not enthused and tries to tell her it's not safe and she needs to think it through and that he doesn't trust Darius. Juliette is not having it and is her usual new (CMT seasons) rude self to Avery and won't budge. He asks to think about it. Maddie doesn't want to talk to Jonah because she doesn't believe he and his ex actually broke up.  Deacon randomly sings a song at the Bluebird and we have no idea how or why he got there. Maddie and Jonah's confrontation gets put online. Deacon has become like an ABC sitcom dad and asks Maddie about her relationship with Jonah. The two talk about her relationship with Jonah.


Jonah comes to talk to Maddie and we get a rant from him about how hard his life. Once again we're getting personal life backstory and deep scenes from a newbie. The two make up and plan a night out. Daphne's going to a sleepover, so Deacon makes plans with Jessie to have their "sleepover" (exact words). Deacon then gets ready to go out, but not before seeing a picture of Rayna. Avery confronts Juliette and tells her she spends her life with the cult and she's never around anymore, mentally or physically. The two fight as usual, Juliette won't budge. He asks her if she just needs them to save her from herself, and to which she replies she is already saved (foreshadowing much??)


The new band performs. Jonah kisses Maddie in front of everyone at his EP release party and there is the worst background extra acting of people reacting. Deacon and Jessie awkwardly try to initiate something. They try to go at it but Deacon breaks down and starts crying.  Jessie tells Deacon he can talk to her about Rayna. He emotionally tells her that it's been eleven months (uhm no it hasn't) and the girls seem to be doing fine, so he thinks that means he should just move on. This was so great to see Rayna finally get addressed and mentioned as she should not have been forgotten so easily. She should still be on her family's minds. The new band performs again. For some reason Deacon tells Jessie about his life as a kid. He tells her he wishes he had a song (foreshadowing again --- Twig maybe?). Maddie and Jonah get donuts. Deacon and Jessie talk about their future relationship for the longest time. There's something about stars, I wasn't paying attention so I can't say too much in detail. Juliette gets out of bed in the middle of the night and finds Avery on the sofa, she wakes him up and tells him she's not a normal person and he deserves a normal person. She tells him she needs him more than anybody and then the two kiss.


Jessie tells Deacon she knows she's not Rayna, but he tells her he felt close to her and that he knows he's damaged but he doesn't want her to give up on him. Maddie and Deacon both come home after their dates to find an unfazed Daphne at home. Avery wakes up and the house is eerily quiet. He walks around looking for and calling for Juliette, but he can't find her. She's not anywhere to be found, Cadence is alone in her room. He checks the whole house - she is gone. He calls her phone, it goes straight to voicemail - Juliette is gone. She has left her family again.


I can't believe the writers made Juliette leave her family yet again. The amount of anger I have for this is too much. Why couldn't they have given her a happy season where she made music? Or if not at least done something different? She's left so many times before, and with MH destroying every couple I am so convinced Javery is done for after this episode, or most likely they will be. This plot was so unnecessary and annoying; just like the cult plot. Why can't Javery fans ever be happy?

Ok and another big complaint, the show is no longer about music anymore. I thought it would be a few episodes, but now it's a weekly thing. Everyone just walks around in boring/badly written melodrama about their relationships. The music is minimal and just randomly shows up. We never know why or how the singers are performing where they are. We don't see writing. The music plots have gone away now, because clearly MH didn't want to write a music show so he just didn't. Maybe I wouldn't be so mad if the show was good, but it's not. The show is no longer about music anymore and the plots they are doing are not good, interesting, or drama-filled to actually fit the show's genre.

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