The TV Ratings Guide Original Series Competition - Third Cycle

Almost two years ago, TVRG announced a new feature that gave readers the chance to comment series ideas, and go through the pilot script process to eventually get the chance to write their shows and have it be posted here on TVRG, through TV Ratings Guide Originals.

The TV Ratings Guide has successfully gone through two pilot cycles and we now have a great group of written series being posted on the site  and  in development to premiere this fall and  in 2018. This past Monday, TVRGO premiered its first ever series, Marietta and Network. Both series have done well for us and our summer series are tracking to do well too.

Getting to the point, TVRGO is now opening the third development cycle to all readers. If you've forgotten what to do, here's a step-by-step process.

1) Comment a series idea you may have
2) Wait and see if we like the idea; if we do, we'll order a pilot and series summary for you (similar to network pilot orders)
3) If we like your pilot, we'll order your show to written series and you will then get to write your show and have it be posted here on The TV Ratings Guide.

*note-- you will not have to write full 22 or 60 page scripts - episodes can range from 4-7 short pages!

Here at TVRG and TVRGO, we encourage you to participate in this extremely fun competition.

Without further ado, go into the comments below and give us your best series ideas!!

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