Nashville Season Six Premiere - Review

Nashville Season Six Premiere - Review

Nashville kicks off tonight with its sixth season, and I'm not as thrilled as I was last year. 



It's been about a month since season five ended, and all around Nashville people are getting ready to ring in the new year. This season starts off with a happier mood - for the most part. Will is finally on screen, and being  a good friend to Gunnar who is feeling lost after breaking up professionally and  personally with Scarlett - though I question why this was not a big plotline (a major country music band breaking up). Anyway, The Conrad/Claybourne family seems happy enough, and business is booming - as usual, for Maddie. She's been invited to play a concert on New Year's Eve (Scarlett's tagging along, obviously), which causes a moment of silence in the house as she'll be gone leaving Deacon and Daphne alone the first year without Rayna. Elsewhere in town, Juliette has been planning  her new  album launch (that we didn't see get made), where she will kick it off with a performance at the Bridgestone arena. The usual Juliette antics are back - well caricatures of them - and it all feels forced. Glenn's back which is good to see, however small his role is. Flashforward some time, Juliette's been given a second chance at Highway 65, and is performing her new (very weird, depressing, and honestly bad (love you Hayden)) song. A little bit through her song, people start to hold up signs hating on her, booing her, etc. Juliette tries to ignore it but can't once the shoutouts start, she starts to tell off the audience. Instead of a "Dirt" type telloff, she starts to say some really depressing stuff about how she is "real", how she wants people to love her and how nobody knows or loves her. She finally storms off stage saying she has to stop and the crowd cheers as she leaves. 

Act one thoughts: What in the heck was up with Juliette? I am a bit confused how Juliette is now hated so much and how she is severely depressed, but ok; it's logical with these writers. And so let me get this straight - haters paid to see someone they hate? And cheered for her to come out, and then booed her off?


So, Juliette has apparently been having a struggle to get out of bad and her life has been a "living hell", so Avery suggests they get out. Scarlett is acting similar to the way she was in season two, asking Will how Gunnar is. Maddie finds out that her obvious new romance, Jonah Ford, will be playing the same concert as her. Scarlett tells Deacon he should try to get back out there, but Deacon is not feeling it. Avery and Juliette travel to North Carolina for their vacation, but we see no vacation. Immediately, Juliette goes to sleep. Later that night, she can't sleep and goes to lounge around in the lobby. She is greeted by some creepy guy who has clearly stalked her as he knows who she  is and all of her "complications". He tells her that he is "someone on her journey".

Act two thoughts: Yeah, i'm not a fan of depressed Juliette. It's not her.


Will has been trying to get Gunnar out of the gutter and teach  him how to perform by himself and  have fun. Maddie performs in Los Angeles and meets Jonah Ford, where a relationship is already put into play. Maddie sings and then meets with Jonah and he invites her to come record with her the next day. Juliette is up at 2AM and finds a commercial where Darius (creepy guy) is giving a lecture to people telling them how to close their addictions, get rid of their despair,  and open the door to their kingdom to make their own journey.

Act three thoughts: What am I watching with Darius? What was all this about addictions and kingdoms?


Scarlett deletes Gunnar from her phone. Glenn tells Avery and Juliette that Darius tried to contact him to talk to Juliette at 2AM (the same time she was watching his lecture). Maddie is stood up by Jonah. Juliette asks Darius what he was doing at the hotel, accusing him of being a stalker, and he tells her that it was fate, he recognized the pain in her, and he wants to help her change her life.

Act four thoughts: Darius is definitely a stalker, Juliette should run far away (remember what happened to Rayna.)


Deacon is encouraged to start dating by Zach. Scarlett tells Maddie she misses herself. Will tells Gunnar he wishes Zach would forgive him for defending his friends. Juliette goes to see Darius. He tells her it's not a cult (Sure, Jan), and that its a way to help the mind and see yourself. He also tells her the love that celebrities want  brought her to the state of love she is in now, lost. He tells her there is so much work to be done and she needs to stop being reactive, stop suppressing her fear, feel the pain, and be authentic. 

Act five thoughts:  Darius is so obviously running  a cult. Though, what show am I watching? I feel like this is now a psychological drama (a badly written one).


It's New Year's Eve. Jonah apologizes to Maddie and offers to fly her home in his jet. Juliette goes on a radio show and when she's questioned about her breakdown, she says she had a moment of authenticity. The radio lady drills her and tells her she stole poor Maddie's song and ruined all her relationships. The interview is opened up to any fans "still out there" where she is yelled at, told she is horrible, the usual. Juliette goes to yell at the fan, but stops for ten seconds, and  then announces she struggles with depression  and she's putting  her tour on hold and stepping away from music. Right before midnight, Gunnar goes to do his first performance by himself, but stumbles, and is saved by Will. Scarlett is seen looking through her old pictures, Deacon tries to register for a dating website, but rings in the new year  with his family, and Juliette after Avery and Cadence go to bed, calls Darius and tells him "I'm ready"

Review: This episode was blah. I'm really tired of  the melodrama and depressed Juliette is just so out of character, I can't ignore it. It's the most out of character she's been all NashvilleCMT. I'm also not looking forward to the impending unrelated to music plots that will be coming from almost everyone in the coming weeks. My main complaint is that nothing really exciting happened to get you interested, to get your heart pumping, and there were no jams like the show used to have in seasons one through four. Oh, and depressed Juliette. Big complaint there. Will and Gunnar was nice to see though, that plot shows potential. I also enjoyed seeing Glenn and Cadence.

Songs Review:

Never Come  Back Again (Gunnar): 8/10: Nice solo, Sam does slower songs really well.

Don't Come Easy (Will): N/A: It didn't sound bad, but I didn't hear enough to like or hate  it. Chris does better with ballads, and he hasn't had any in a long time.

Is There Anybody Out There (Juliette): 2/10: What did the editors do to Hayden's beautiful voice? We're getting one song for the season and Juliette's last song for the show was a depressing, auto-tuned, lazily written one.

What It's Made For (Maddie): 0/10: Not catchy, and a really bad tune.

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