Nashville Season Six, Episode Four - That’s My Story - Advanced Preview

Nashville Season Six, Episode Four - That's My Story - Advanced Preview

This week, a new "secret" is revealed about Juliette's past, and I was not enthused.



As I said a few weeks ago, there's a new Juliette every week. This week, Juliette's basically become a walking quote book, and I'm not a fan of it. I don't know how this is Juliette at all, but okay. Juliette is  basically going through a quarter-life crisis this week, where she mentions she doesn't like her story.

Aside from this, this week in Cultville, we really get to see Juliette's childhood and that is basically her focus. I guarantee the writers thought that diving into Juliette's past this week would be a viewer grab, but I wanted to run for the hills when I heard about it. I was really mad  last year when the writers rewrote her history and how her dad died, but  I thought  this week couldn't possibly do anything more worse than that. But  I was wrong. I can't tell you what dark secret about her past was revealed and focused  on  this week, but know two things. One  is that Hayden KILLED the reveal scene, she blew me out of my seat. She deserves ALL the Emmys. And the second thing is that this reveal totally changes who Juliette was, is, and likely will be. It's out of the blue, totally ridiculous chronologically wise, and it rewrites basically all of  her  childhood. I just keep asking myself, who in the heck thought this would be a good idea?


The no-named band formed in quite a haste this season, and this week that is sort of brought to light. The guys realize they need to work on their sound, and I was quite excited to see a plot about music in a show about music. It is clearly the only thing about music we'll see in Nashville all season, so I have to take it, but it's nice and entertaining to see the guys in their place this week where they belong. There's a fun performance by the guys this week, which could be the semi-saving grace of the week.

Also, Bucky's back, which I guess is something, but I want to see Glenn (aka Juliette's almost dad who should be with her in her contrived hard times)

Avery side note: PRAISE THE LORD, Avery called Darius a cult this week and  he realizes  Juliette is not in a healthy place. He has some sense! Round of applause for him. Sadly, there's some foreshadowing this week of some future events that I know will happen and none of the fans left will take kindly to at all (I know I won't AT ALL)


As Scarlett moves away from the music, she has decided it would be a fun idea to get into the equine therapy business as she claims she has always loved horses and she wants to help kids. I'll leave  it  at there is a reason there's no show about equine therapy. 

Also, a side note is I'm sorry Scunnar fans.


The two really just float around this week for the most part. But as Deacon and Jessie sadly get more serious, I guess that is supposed to come with some relationship building like we get this week. It's really past focused this week, and I appreciate the sole NashvilleABC writer who wrote this *lovely* episode for actually acknowledging the characters existed before last year.

Deacon and Hallie have a duet, so you fans waiting for a Deacon song will be happy.


Easily the  best part of the episode was spent with Daphne and Jake in biology class. Basically,  the two are pared together to dissect a frog (riveting thing to see in Nashville of all shows, of course) and they bond over their parents dating each other much like Maddie and Colt did. 

The thing that annoyed me most though is Daphne is calling Deacon her dad almost as if the writers don't know who Teddy is (they may not).


I'll be  honest, Maddie  and  Daphne used to be really close and it was a nice simpler element of the show that was always there. This went away with the hurricane season four and mess CMT seasons, but this week it's back. The two bond and some past unresolved issues are brought up, and while I am not a die hard Claybourne family fan, this was a good thing. The past needed to be brought up, and it felt like the old show. Though it wasn't done in the best way, but I assume they'll build off of this in future weeks. Now, the writers just need to address Javery's past and they may close up season four's lose ends finally. 


I think it is high time Nashville got a new name because there's a single plot about music in a music show. Everything else is out of a-- well I'd say bad Lifetime movie, but they don't deserve to be compared to this. This week, despite the massively  unrecognizable plots/characters, and contrived and foolish plots, the one thing that made it feel a percent like NashvilleABC was the writing, which was done by the sole writer MH kept, which further proves it is MH and his team who brought about the destruction of Nashville. You'll have to catch my full and detailed review this Thursday to see the breakdown of all the exciting plots. If this week doesn't make you throw in the towel, 605 will certainly give it a go.

What do you think will happen in "That's My Story"? What are you looking forward to see? Comment below!


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