Nashville S6E4 Review

This week a dark secret is revealed about Juliette's childhood.



The no name three guy band is playing a show that Deacon is going to, Daphne hears about it and wants to go until she finds out that Jessie will be there. Scarlett is now out of the music business and making music (of course...) and has shown up at equine therapy. The head lady straight outta Harry Potter tells  her she'll need training.  Daphne has to dissect a frog in Biology class, and is forced to work with Jake. Jake immediately becomes a new, toned down version of Clay as he tells Daphne about all of his issues. The three guys play a show and there seems to be some unease. Bucky wants to manage the guys. Avery calls Juliette after the show and she is now a walking quote book, saying she wants to change her life, and her outlook on life. Avery tries to talk some sense into her  but she doesn't appreciate it. 


Jessie says she has a crush on the guys like she did on boy bands in high school. Riveting. Bucky says the  band can perform at WinterFest in an open slot. The Harry Potter lady tells Scarlett horses do a lot of work for damaged people such as veterans, and that the horses are also damaged so they help each other. Daphne and Jake bond while dissecting the frog, until Jake starts to throw up, and has to run out the room. Daphne follows him and the two end up talking about how their parents are dating. Jake calls Deacon a "rageaholic" and brings up how he went to court with Maddie for punching people. Daphne is now calling Deacon her dad, even though he's not and she hated him in season four. Juliette goes to see Darius and hears people crying and making  the most ungodly moans in rooms behind closed doors. She confronts Darius and he tells her its the next stage in her training called "witnessing". He has her flashback to herself as a kid. In the flashback, she sees stacks of money, hears music playing, sees an old man who her mom called her uncle, and Jolene is around dancing. She eventually has to stop.


Juliette says she didn't like the flashback, but Darius tells her she did and she's pushing away the good things that she thinks are bad and really good. The three guys get into a fight over their song lyrics. Gunnar and Avery discuss Will and talk about how weird he has been acting. Maddie has to pick Daphne up from school after getting detention. Daphne tells Maddie about what Jake said about Deacon going to court, and she is left speechless. Scarlett observes a troubled teen trying to make a horse jump. She is then sent to go muck out the stables. (What is this  on my TV? Not Nashville) Juliette and Hallie bond and she says that her new treatment finally feels real.  


Scarlett catches Sean's eye. Maddie asks Deacon if he is still mad at her about what she said on the stand. The guys fight over each other's songs. Hallie and Deacon perform at the Bluebird. Avery asks Deacon how Juliette feels to him. He says he knew a guy in high school who got involved in a cult that ran away and changed everything about themself. He says how it took lots of money and years to find him and when they finally did, he was never the same again; Avery worries that this will happen to  Juliette. Deacon tells him it's nothing and she'll be fine.  I don't agree with Deacon - this is major foreshadowing that Juliette is going to run away (they've been foreshadowing  all season her leaving and are continuing to), and be a new totally different person, and I'm not happy. 


Deacon tells Jake what Jessie said, and he apologizes to her saying he's not a bad guy anymore and he wants her to know he is good. Juliette is taken to go "witness". Scarlett says she wants to communicate with the horses so that she can do good and communicate with people. She then witnesses the troubled teen have a bonding moment with the horse. -- Wow never thought I would see that in Nashville. -- Juliette is surrounded by fifty people in a room of candles, and Darius says he wants to help her break free from her past. Juliette flashes back again and says that the old man is in the bedroom -- but not with Jolene -- with her. We see Jolene listening as nine year old Juliette screams "no, stop", and she eventually  in the present begins to scream these things out while she breaks down. 


Darius tells Juliette she just changed her life. Deacon encourages the guys to have fun and stop fighting. Jake tells Daphne he got in trouble for calling her dad what he did, and the two eventually start flirting. Scarlett and Sean bond over an escaped horse, and the two share looks (guess this is her endgame) Scarlett and the Harry Potter lady go for a ride. The three guys cover an N'Sync song. Daphne and Jake clean dry erase boards. The three guys are met with acclaim and loads of fans. Juliette said her mom used to take her to her favorite restaurant afterwards, and says it's not surprising coming from her mom since she shot someone and murdered herself. She goes on to say she took everything from her. Darius tells Juliette she needs to break  her cycle and get away from people she thinks love her but don't (Avery), and that she deserves to be happy; to be loved. The cult leader tells her she won't be the same person when this is over. (what Avery said about his friend=Juliette changing forever and leaving confirmed!!)


 Another week that had only one music plot in a music show. It's not about music at all anymore, everyone just randomly sings- there's no reason for where they are performing or how they got there (like we used to hear about them playing specific shows - now the writers just have characters show up and sing out of the blue). And to reiterate myself, it's nothing about music anymore except the three guys; this is probably  because MH and his team hate country music and do not know a single thing about the music business, they do not want to write a show about music so they don't. I never thought that I would find myself watching tweens dissect frogs and Scarlett cleaning horse stables. This show does not feel like Nashville anymore, or even set in Nashville. It's now about cults, horses, teens, schools, etc and no drama.

Now onto Juliette's secret, oh man. I'm not a fan of this. This is another example of her history being rewritten, but not as bad. I really wish this wasn't done-- this will change  who Juliette was, is, and will be. It was so unnecessary just like this entire cult plot. They've also destroyed the good image the writers worked to make of Jolene after she killed herself. The scene was done really well though.

Overall, the same goes that I said for every other episode this season - same problems. I am just getting really angered about Juliette leaving her family soon.

But the good side - Hayden Panettiere did a PHENOMENAL job here, she is such an amazing actress. LIKE BRAVO!!! She made this episode not an hour of fuming.

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