Nashville S6E3 Review

Nashville S6E3 Review

"Jump Then Fall"

*Spoilers Ahead*


Zach tells Deacon he's leaving to pursue a senate bid. Will he finally leave the show? I should hope so but who knows since MH loves him. Maddie plans to meet up with Jonah. Juliette tells Avery that the world is so full of problems because  nobody ever  communicates on a deeper level. She rudely tells him he doesn't know how great Darius is and forces him to go meet Darius the next day. Deacon and Jessie talk about their relationship status and how to tell their kids when Daphne runs into them.


Deacon tries to talk to Daphne but Maddie Jr. doesn't want to hear it. Darius shows Avery around, and Darius tells Avery that Juliette has come so far and is no longer destructive, and when Avery asks what coherent philosophy is he gets a nonanswer (cult...) where Darius spouts off that the practice is older than man itself. Deacon and Scarlett talk where the ex-music singer, now apparent psychologist gives him love advice. Maddie parties in a club with Jonah and his friends.


Juliette tells Avery she wishes he would feel it (I don't know what  it is and I don't think the writers do either), and she says those people accept her. Maddie and new (unaware to the writers) Markus sing a song. Scarlett and  Jessie talk about relationships and I question why this was even a scene?? Oh, yeah, just to give MH's favorites a scene. Maddie and Jonah are ambushed by paparazzi. Will goes to get closure from Zach after  hearing about his political venture but it doesn't go well. Will basically begs at Zach's feet for why he didn't forgive him (, yeah gotta make Zach the hero). Jessie calls to tell Deacon she is there for him.


Maddie, Jonah, Twig and some of their friends watch a movie. Jonah gets upset to see the paparazzi shots of him and Maddie because they mention his ex. Will and DaveDan try to...have some fun...but Will can't get attracted.  Juliette is at a cult barbecue and starts to sing. Darius isn't enthused and he makes her feel bad about singing, telling her she should stop being famous and  singing. He says that music doesn't fulfill her. He tells her some more stuff that the writers try to make sound deep about fulfillment, and accessing her core through her journey. I cringed. I do not want to see this cult plot that isn't about music. The ending is so obvious (they take all her money, she leaves her family, Juliette becomes the only one to not have seen that she joined a cult). Maddie complains to Deacon that the "whole internet" says she and Jonah are a thing, and Deacon tells Daphne he and Jessie are dating.


Will goes  to see the doctor about his problem with DaveDan. He asks for Viagra or medicine to fix it. Maddie talks to Twig about Jonah and Jonah's past. The scene went on a really long time where Twig rambled on and on and I may or may not have fallen asleep. Deacon calls Jessie to ask her out again and she rudely declines to him saying she doesn't want to get in the way of his family. Maddie and Jonah talk about their relationship for a terribly long time. Juliette tells Avery she can confront her problems on  a deep level so she can be a better person. Avery tries to nicely tell Juliette he doesn't feel good about Darius, but she starts to yell at him, and we have a rehash of every fight they had all season five combined. There's a line about Avery feeling threatened by Darius, and with MH confirming that Scunnar is 100% over, I am convinced Javery will be too because of Darius.


Juliette leaves to go build some more houses. It's finally revealed that Will takes steroids. Deacon and Jessie talk (again) about their relationship and being ready to take it to  the next level. Daphne tells Maddie she hates Deacon dating, and she hates Jessie. She says it feels like Rayna  is really gone, and I second this as they never even mention Rayna anymore, which is just wrong. Her family should still miss and talk about her. She then sings a song. Zach leaves town. Will continues to do steroids, Gunnar walks in on him injecting them in himself, and he lies and tells Gunnar it is a human growth hormone. Gunnar stupidly believes him. Jonah takes Maddie to oldies bingo. Scarlett sees a commercial for a horse farm that helps troubled teens. Deacon and Jessie hold hands and laugh. It's been over a day, and Juliette is still building houses. Daphne finishes her song and *no epic cut to black as the show has no excitement anymore*


A look on the Bright Side: Three guys and a band is back next week, and Juliette had a song this week. Hayden nailed it as usual. It was beautiful and easily my favorite song since season four.

Nashville used to be fast paced, fun, and full of drama, but now, none of that is true. This episode reached an all time low as literally nobody had a plot about making music or a music related plot. It was just a cross of a relationship show, a life drama, and a psychological drama, really anything BUT  a show about music.  This week was just out of your mind, boring melodrama. I am so sick of the Deacon and Jessie relationship, Juliette in a cult, Javery being rude to each  other all the time, and all the newbies (nobody wants) getting the longest scenes. Oh, and now Juliette, Avery, Deacon, and Scarlett are no longer making music --- four of the original six. This episode didn't even feel like the same show anymore. The original cast has become so nonexistent and shells of their former selves. The show is now led by Deacon, new Scarlett, Jessie, and newbies. I think it may have felt so different this week because nobody is making music in Nashville anymore.

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