Nashville S6E2 - Second Chances - Advanced Preview

Nashville S6E2 - Second Chances - Advanced Preview

Nashville's back, and so are my advanced previews.


With all the out of character things done on NashvilleCMT, Juliette's plot (that has nothing to do with music whatsoever) this week takes the cake. Following last week's breakdown, Juliette wants to meet again with the creepy, self-help newbie, Darius. However, he's not available, but that doesn't stop one of the (likely) cult's members from showing her around and telling her about the "intentional community". There are a lot of red flags that should make Juliette run for the hills about these people, but she ends up spending her day building a freaking house. Sounds great, right?

After this amazing plot ends, Darius is back and he and Juliette have a talk straight out of a really...boring self-help book. This conversation ends with a motion that will upset Javery fans everywhere that are sick of the same thing happening to Javery again and again.


One of the best things about season three of Nashville was Three Guys and a Baby, and the music and great dynamic that came from that. I mentioned in the last advanced preview that that plot was going to make a comeback this season, and this episode further proves my thinking there. I'm not going to spoil how everything comes into play to bring these guys back together, but if you've watched Nashville for five years like I have, it's done with the same old troupes that have been done before.

A little individual breakdown - Will has been doing surprisingly well, for the first time in a few seasons, he's happy; which is so different, as well as nice to see. Avery is back to playing single dad (which is just *amazing* (not)), and Gunnar is still feeling lost in the world without Scarlett and  being part of a duo; all of these things though help the three guys come together, and it's really great.


Scarlett is still trying to make it in the music world by her self, and it's unnatural. You can tell she feels out of place, and is having trouble dealing with it. If this path continues, it is clear that we'll have Scunnar as a strictly professional duo back in no time. Scarlett starts to question her place in the music business as a whole - so we have another character moving away from music plots. As she does this, for some reason she's put into a high school plot that I believe is supposed to go deep with her character, but it was anything but entertaining.

Scarlett fans should be happy though, as throughout the whole episode, Scarlett just keeps showing up, I don't know why, but she is in every possible scene she can be - even scenes not related to or having anything to do with her.


Dad Deacon is trying to get back into the dating world, and this week we get to see the majorly  forced relationship build between Deacon and the ever so friendly Jessie. Deacon is a fish out of water in the dating scene, but he really shouldn't be since he's done it before; it's not like he only ever dated Rayna. It's honestly really awkward, the road is bumpy, and the two don't seem to have much in common, and I think the characters realize that, but somehow the writers are still sticking with the relationship.


After being stood up by Jonah last week, Maddie has kept in touch with him, and we get to see a lot more of the two's not so blossoming relationship drama - which is riveting.


The plot I think you'll love the most this week is Daphne's. The whole thing is  in a school cafeteria, equipped with that Flynn kid, Jessie's kid, and the most *riveting* tween drama I have ever seen.

Well, that does it for this week's advanced preview! As the season goes on, the plots move further away from music except for one here and there, which worries me. I'm  hoping the season's progression will  surprise me, but I'm not expecting  it to. I'll shell out my thoughts  in the actual review next Thursday.

What do you think will happen with Juliette as the season progresses? What are you hoping to see? Comment below!

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