Nashville S6E2 - Review

Nashville S6E2 - Review

This week, Juliette builds a house (you read that right)



Deacon and Maddie are at the farmer's market when both of them see their respective crushes and have to hide from them. Scarlett encourages Deacon to ask Jessie out. Will realizes he had fun playing with Gunnar and wants to do it again. Avery tells Juliette she needs to get help, in which she replies that she's getting help from Darius (in the most friendliest way too - I just love how loving they are) Deacon calls the ever so friendly Jessie and asks her out on a date, she is not receptive to his invitation and lets him down *very* gently, but they eventually decide to give it a go. 


Scarlett performs (I don't know where, we stopped getting that information) and it's really awkward. She looks like a deer in the headlights. Will's running off to the gym constantly, which Gunnar comments on as being weird (those damn steroids). Juliette gets a tour of Darius' coherent philosophy of likeminded people. The lady tells her that they give up a large chunk of their salary ("cough" cult taking all your money "cough") and that they have to spend one day a week doing community service. She is then put on a bus to go build a house. *riveting* Maddie is upset that Jonah won't respond to her quickly. Deacon is having trouble picking a restaurant. Scarlett shows up for some reason, and says she doesn't know why she is singing without Gunnar, as it is not her dream. She says she doesn't miss him, but she doesn't want to sing anymore. (Oh boy, another person leaving the music plot)


Will and Gunnar perform and there is a cringy scene where Will announces to the public Gunnar is single. Avery watches and tells the guys he wishes he could have fun like that. The guys encourage him to join them. Juliette is told that she needs to feel her power when she tries to leave the construction site. Daphne talks to Flynn about algebra. Jessie's son has a meltdown so she has to cancel her date. Juliette successfully finishes building the house and has dinner with the cult.


Juliette tells Avery she had a good day and that she's not coming home that night and tells Avery not to ruin it. So loving and friendly. Jessie calls Deacon and tells him that she was nervous about going on their date but they decide to give it a try. Daphne talks with---oh, man, I forgot his name because I don't care too much-- but Jessie's kid. They talk about if their parents date. Scarlett tells Deacon she wants to help people.


Avery is taken to a concert venue by Will and Gunnar. Deacon and Jessie start out their date, awkwardly to say the least. Jessie tells Deacon she is giving up music and going back to psychology school. Deacon and Jessie have a scene where they spend about five minutes in a row stuttering to each other. I did not know what was going on. Jessie then goes off on another one of her rude tangents and tells Deacon that dating ruined their friendship. They both then decide to go back to being friends. Will, Avery, and Gunnar perform. Deacon and Jessie kiss.


The guys are all hungover from the night before, and Will and Gunnar tell Avery they want to make it a weekly thing. Darius tells Juliette she needs to leave her environment (family, friends, career, etc) and be mindful. He questions  if she is truly happy in the here and now. Scarlett runs into Gunnar where they catch up. Scarlett tells Gunnar she wants to do something more direct, away from music helping people. Jessie and Deacon run into each other at school, where Jessie asks Daphne how she is feeling about algebra. Juliette comes home, Avery asks her how was it and she just stares at him blankly.

Review: 0/10

Ok, some thoughts. Why are the writers making Deacon act like he's never dated before? I get the love of his life just died, I do, but he has dated before, many people in this show, so the concept is not foreign to him as the writers are playing it to be (but I think the writers don't know that). And does it have to be with Jessie? I liked that girl from season two.

Why can't Juliette and Avery both act like a happy loving couple for just one scene? Also, I am not enthused that Juliette's plot is now away from the music. I want to see her making music and working on her career - not building a house. And can anyone else see the obvious plot coming of Juliette leaving her family AGAIN? (Darius: you can't  break old habits in old environments | Juliette: So you're saying I should leave?) - it's as obvious as Juliette was a singer. It's also so obvious Juliette is joining a cult, c'mon, we're not stupid.

A big problem of the episode was the constant bad jokes. Nashville used to have light humor which was funny, but Jesse tried way too hard this week to be funny. The jokes were  constant and none of them were good.

And on a good note, I'll say it again, I like the three guys making a band plot. It's fun, lighthearted, and could be really interesting if done well. Maybe some good writing can save it.

What did you think of "Second Chances"? Let me know in the comments below!

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