Authors of TVRG and Their 2017 Contributions

As 2017 comes to an end, it's time to look back in a broad sense what every contributor has done for the site this season, in terms of both volume of posts and notable articles/features. Hope you enjoy, and make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

January: Hunter and Rebecca Bunch Rule, Bridger Becomes Latest Contributor

January saw a wide range of contributors, with Bridger Cunningham joining the site for a few articles, joining Aasim, Luke, A Virtual Scrawl, and Jordan as one of our occasional contributors. The month in general was ruled by Hunter, who was tasked with writing reviews for many of the shows he watches, as well as an ABC Renew/Cancel column. Rebecca Bunch, who took over as our Sunday-Thursday daily ratings poster in fall 2016, was right behind him, and together they comprised of slightly over half of TVRG’s posts for the month. Behind them at 11% was Jonathan, known for his Nashville reviews as well as multiple Renew/Cancel columns, including broadcast reality shows and several cable networks. Having comprised 10% of January’s articles, Ahmad was most known for his Friday and Saturday broadcast ratings posts, as well as the wildly popular “Top 10 Episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, which according to Blogger has accumulated to over 25,000 views. Right behind was myself, having posted mostly FOX Renew/Cancel columns and various news articles, and Jessica, known for CW Renew/Cancel and Off Topic.

Despite not posting as often, there were several other contributors who posted in January. Aasim and Luke both contributed 3%, known respectively for one-off reviews and NBC Renew/Cancel. A Virtual Scrawl is our resident NCIS:LA reviewer, who posts simultaneously on their own blog of the same name. Jordan posted a CBS Renew/Cancel column, and Bridger started off with a couple articles that comprised the series “The Sitcom Explained”.

Total Articles Posted: 132

February: Hunter and Rebecca Bunch Take Bigger Slices of the Pie

February brought more of the same for The TV Ratings Guide, with Hunter and Rebecca Bunch ruling and the rest of us sticking to our niches. While there was not a single viral post in February per say, there were a lot of posts that saw views well above what we were used to seeing, whether that be an NBC Renew/Cancel column or a Modern Family Review. Most notable here was that there were less of us; Aasim took an absence in February to deal with issues outside of the site. Jonathan also stepped back a bit in February in terms of frequency of posts, going from an 11% share to a 5% share. Also notable was Bridger’s uptick from a 2% share in January to a 5% share in February, tying for the 5th-highest in the month. 

Total Articles Posted: 130

March: Rebecca Bunch Takes The Lead As Three People Take 1% Shares

The general structure of March was around the same as February. Rebecca Bunch, who claimed the prize of most-posted contributor, and Hunter, still comprised of about half of the articles. Ahmad as usual was a distant 3rd, and then myself, Jonathan, and Jessica behind that a bit. It was business as usual for most of us, with Luke showing up to do an NBC Renew/Cancel, Jordan a CBS Renew/Cancel, and A Virtual Scrawl NCIS: LA reviews. One notable feature in March was my ‘Ratings Report Card’ column for shows which had already concluded their seasons, incorporating their ratings with sub demos. Aasim re-entered the chart in March with a review of the first four seasons of The 100 that received commercial success for the site.

Total Articles Posted: 158

April: Structure Similar, Numbers A Bit Different
While always a top 3 or 4 poster in terms of volume in the months prior, Ahmad really stepped it up in April with a 17% share, which put him closer to #2 than #4. Notable features included the Sitcom Scorecards that Bridger provided, as well as a wide array of news coverage. On April 10, we saw out 1 millionth page view, something I never could have expected when I started the site. And of course, we got the month started off right with our favorite holiday: April Fools Day. 

Total Articles Posted: 147

May: Upfronts Time Leads to Over 300 Publications

May for us is basically synonymous to the mayhem that is upfronts and the days leading up to it. As you may know, that’s when networks renew and cancel a lot of their shows, as well as pick up new ones and pass on others, all leading up to the reveal of their fall schedules. As such, it was a free-for-all with getting news posted, with articles partially pre-made coming in clutch for us to keep up with leading sites on news coverage. Many of us also scrambled to release final Renew/Cancel columns. While not every prediction was correct, we ended up with a more accurate record than the other sites, including TV Grim Reaper and The Cancel Bear. This was our 2nd year in a row holding that title. While Rebecca Bunch and Ahmad didn’t have as high of shares as normal, Jonathan and I made up for it. All of us made sure in one way or another to provide the best coverage we possibly could. While his name didn’t make the chart, the small blue sliver represents Luke’s final NBC Renew/Cancel post, and also his final post before retiring from The TV Ratings Guide.

Total Articles Posted: 300

June: Summer Months Means Less Contributors
As there are few scripted shows airing in the summer, we combine all five networks into one Renew/Cancel post. With no CBS Renew/Cancel possible, Jordan took the month off from posting. Hunter and A Virtual Scrawl both also took time off given the shows they reviewed were over for the season. Rebecca Bunch picked up the Summer Renew/Cancel column previously written by Hunter. Another notable June feature was Jonathan’s ‘Best Show of the Season’ reader polls for every broadcast network. Jonathan saw yet another large spike in share, this time rising up to the person who posted the 2nd-most articles. June also saw the first of a couple posts by Patrick, who introduced himself via an article. 

Total Articles Posted: 96

July: Number of Contributors Dwindles to 7 as Bridger Sees a Creative Spike

Most notable here was Bridger’s creative spike; after spending months with a relatively low share, he took the top spot for the month of June thanks to an abundance of ratings history articles. With it being deeper into the summer, there were less of us posting, with Hunter, Jordan, and A Virtual Scrawl continuing their hiatuses. Luckily, alongside Bridger, Rebecca Bunch never missed a beat and everyone else also contributed a fair share of articles. We also started experimenting with cable ratings, which Jessica generously offered to post. Now, Rebecca Bunch holds that honor.

Total Articles Posted: 171

August: Thank God It’s Rebecca Bunch
While Bridger’s volume of posts decreased significantly from June, it was still well above his normal amount and #3 for August overall. Hunter returned to us in August, albeit with a smaller 4% share, tying Jessica and myself. It’s Rebecca Bunch who really got us through the month of August successfully; while we all posted when we could, and Ahmad proving to be a TVRG staple, Rebecca Bunch managed to write more than half the articles posted. Notable features included the final rounds of my Game Day segment, where readers would guess the show I was describing, as well as continued coverage of cable ratings.

Total Articles Posted: 143

September: Jordan Returns, The TV Ratings Guy Steps Back, Bridger Continues His Creative Spike
Note: This pie chart does not include ratings database pages, which explains my small sliver. More to follow on that.

With shows starting back up for the last week or two of the month, there was certainly more to do in September than the summer months. Hunter continued his return with an ABC Renew/Cancel column and reviews for multiple shows. I started up my FOX Renew/Cancel column again, while Jessica did The CW, Jordan did CBS, and Full Boyle was promoted to our full-time NBC Renew/Cancel author. Jonathan continued with broadcast reality shows and coverage of multiple cable networks. We also saw articles such as Bridger’s persuasive piece on the pilot episode of The Good Doctor. We also saw a significantly page view jump month-to-month, and a ginormous one year-to-year, continuing the site’s growth.

Total Articles Posted: 209

October: Rebecca Bunch Continues Domination, Patrick Makes Another Post

While the fall TV season began in September, it didn’t go into full effect into October, given plenty of shows (including The CW’s lineup and ABC’s Tuesday shows) are benched for premiere week. This is made evident by this chart through Hunter’s increased presence, as he reviews many shows. His 13% share is the 2nd-highest amongst all contributors. With many articles in his multiple series already published, Bridger stepped back some more in October, but still posted articles such as a review of Slasher. We also started to collaborate with TV Time by posting my own spin of their Binge Report. I also continued my publishing of articles pertaining to the ad rates of shows. Additionally, October saw the first and only review of Blue Bloods written by Patrick.

Total Articles Posted: 203

November: Andre Posts A Couple Articles As We Head Further Into The Season

Jessica took a step back in November to focus on outside life, mainly sticking to posting a CW Renew/Cancel column. Rebecca Bunch continued domination due to his dedication of posting both broadcast and cable daily ratings, as well as storing the cable ratings in a database. Bridger ventured into deeper territory with articles covering the wide array of industry actors and producers being fired from their jobs for previous actions. Another notable article on the subject was Ahmad’s ‘Should We Separate the Art from the Artist?’ piece debating if an actor’s actions ruin the show in hindsight. We also brought back what used to be ‘For Your Binge Consideration’. Andre brought us a couple articles about the box office, expanding our array of coverage past television.

Total Articles Posted: 181

December: Bridger Posts More Often as Rebecca Bunch Still Dominates

December started as business as usual for The TV Ratings Guide, but a highlight came in the final week of the month when many contributors had a creative spike. New article series such as Retro Recommendations and Spinoff Stories formed in December, as well as Christmas-themed standalone articles. December was also the best month yet for our Off Topic thread, which has recently regularly seen well over one two thousand comments per weekly thread. Anyone not currently on that thread, we encourage you to join us!

Total Articles Posted: 179

Other: The Ratings Databases

I wasn’t sure exactly how to fit these posts into the monthly charts given that everything represented here is published in a ‘year’ such as 1971 or 2013 as to not flood the home page with endless ratings articles. This chart represents my work on the broadcast ratings database, Rebecca Bunch’s work on the cable ratings database, and Bridger’s work on the Historical Ratings Database.

Total Ratings Pages Represented: 307

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