Nashville Season Six Premiere - Advanced Preview

Nashville returns with its final season in less than a month. Season five brought almost all our character's stories to a close, so season six will be starting fresh and giving us a season to celebrate these characters we've loved for half a decade.

My Nashville reviews will be back in full form and force come premiere night, don't worry, but I'm really excited to announce that The TV Ratings Guide is now one of the proud homes of Advanced Previews for Nashville (thanks CMT!)

Now let's take a look at what you can expect in the premiere of Nashville

Season six kicks off right around New Year's Eve, which is already a really fun setting for the show, and great to see the characters around the holidays.



Juliette plans on kicking off the new year with a bang, something which she'll be launching with a performance at the Bridgestone Arena. There's a wonderful song we get to hear from Juliette, a first in a while, but the music stops when Juliette is disrupted by some commotion, one thing leads to another, and Juliette has a less than typical breakdown (ok, well we're used to these, but the breakdown is quite unusual itself-- I questioned what show I was watching)

After this, Juliette spun into a new character I've never seen before. This new Juliette will definitely take you some getting used to. Anyway, Juliette decides to take a break from the spotlight, and needs to do some thinking. She and Avery go away for a day or so, when she is awakened (both literally and figuratively) by the most mysterious man who gives me conflicting vibes. On one hand, I feel like I'm watching Revenge or Ringer with him, and on another I feel like I'm watching a psychological thriller. It's nonetheless interesting to see scenes with him, and how the story progresses. This new man brings out a new woman in Juliette, and it'll be really interesting to see where we end up, because if I've learned anything from 108 episodes of Nashville, it's trust no one, and I don't trust our newbie.

One of the best parts of Juliette's story is we get to see GLENN!!!! He only has a few scenes, but I'll take what I can get.

Avery has a typical plot for now, where he just acts as a comfort for Juliette's problems we encounter this week. But there are one or two nice Javery scenes he's a part of which is nice to see. One of the best things about seasons three and four of Nashville was the band, and three guys and a baby plot, something we get hints of as returning in Avery's plot during the premiere.


It has been so nice to see the writers giving Will a plot this season, so you fans who have missed not seeing Will talk since season four will really like the premiere already. While Will doesn't directly have a plot yet, he is still a driving force in the premiere with decent scene count.

Having broken up with Scarlett (again) for good in last season's finale, Gunnar struggles to find who he is in music and in life not part of a duo. Music is feeling off for Gunnar, as it does for us too. There are some nice bonding scenes between the two that give me some season one vibes, and we finally get to see the personality of two of our original cast members (for the first time in a while), which works really well for the plot.


Nashville's writers favorite family (😕) is the main force of happiness in this episode, and dare I say it, but their plots are the most music-driven.

As mentioned before, New Year's is looming, and it's the first without Rayna (RIP), but that doesn't seem to stop our ever-focused on herself Maddie from going about her own thing. Maddie's got a gig on New Year's Eve, something that causes a bit of a moment of silence in the Claybourne house. Deacon lets her go, but sends Scarlett off with her.

While there, Maddie meets a new face, Jonah Ford, and an impending relationship as we are thrown in almost immediately to the two's new romance. I can tell you now, from first glance, Jonah is MUCH better than Clay, he has no issues, and seems like a nice guy (not endorsing a Maddie romance on my screen though). So if we are stuck with this plot, at least we won't be getting so much backstory and plot-lines from Maddie's boyfriend.

Scarlett is, like Gunnar, also having trouble finding who she is not being part of a duo. While struggling to find her voice alone, Scarlett realizes she misses who she used to be, and if they don't go the 505 route with this, we could have a really great plot this season that brings us back to our sweet Scarlett.

Finally, Deacon is lonely. It's to be expected after losing Rayna. He struggles to cope with being alone, and you can tell how out of place he is without anything to do (music or family wise). This leads to some bonding scenes between Deacon and Daphne, which is, to be honest, weird. They're not good, not bad, but more feel out of place. Daphne didn't like Deacon in season four, season five skipped over this, and now the two seem to be taking their individual loneliness and forming a lonely club to check on each other.

Well, that does it for the first advanced preview of Nashville's last season! I hope I've teased you enough, so make sure to tune into the SEASON PREMIERE of Nashville THURSDAY, JANUARY 4TH at 9/8c on CMT! The premiere has set us up  with a lot of possible places to go; the characters are all at crossroads, and if the writers chose the right road, we could be in for a better season than last year.


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