Beyond the TV Grave - 666 Park Avenue

Beyond the TV Grave - 666 Park Avenue

This is the 'Beyond The TV Grave' series where we shell out our thoughts on shows that were canceled after airing no less than 5 episodes and no more than 50. I will go through the good and bad and give a final verdict on whether or not I would have liked to see more.


666 Park Avenue was a wonderfully addictive drama that starred Rachael Taylor and Dave Annable, that chronicled a couple who has just moved into a Manhattan apartment building (owned by the mysterious Gavin Doran) when they discover that it is possessed by a mysterious demonic force and murder, mystery, sex, lies, and dark supernatural forces lurk at every corner.

The Good and No Bad:

I know I am supposed to be going through the good and the bad of the show, but 666 Park Avenue was truly a masterpiece. To start off, the characters were amazing. They were all layered, and as each layer was torn away, another and more interesting layer was revealed and played with. I could never really trust one character or feel like I knew one character. And then there's the amazing plotting. Every episode introduced a whirlwind of new secrets and mysteries, as well as fascinating flashbacks that tied in with present day. For most supernatural shows, the stage is small. There's not many places they can go, or things they can do because of their premise - but 6PA had a whole world and several time periods to explore; something they did fantastically.

There wasn't a single plotline I didn't enjoy, whether it was one of the many dark and delicious supernatural plots, or one of the very real world plots, I was always on the edge of my seat, wanting more.


The epic and dark supernatural drama was scheduled behind the red hot Revenge (in its second season), Sundays at 10 where the Emily VanCamp show premiered to a massive 3.2, and 666PA premiered with a massive drop from that at a 2.1. Ouch.

While this was an amazing slot to be in, if you've seen both shows, you know the only thing they have in common is the sexiness draw. Plot wise, both shows were extremely different, and nobody from the real world set Revenge was going to dive into a show about demonic forces and a dark and supernatural world.

As mentioned above, Dave Annable was the male lead in the Devil's address. Annable previously starred in Brothers & Sisters with Emily VanCamp, who was now starring in the show's lead-in. The Alphabet thought that this pairing would draw those viewers to the night and watch both shows- however this was easily a shot in the dark and not destined to work. Another move ABC attempted at was taking advantage of another 666 star, Vanessa Williams, who previously starred in Sunday stable Desperate Housewives, for the previous few years. To quote Bridger, "ABC sought Sunday familiarity which never materialized with the common stars." The only thing that was destined to make 666 a hit would be pairing it with another  supernatural or fantasy drama. Perhaps, it would've worked (or at least better) paired with Once Upon a Time.


It's worth nothing that perhaps, 666 was destined to fail. Hurricane Sandy, which hit New York in fall 2012, severely damaged and delayed production; quite possibly a reason for ABC giving up on the show. Two extra scripts were even ordered but likely part of collateral of the hurricane and lagging ratings.


The week following the seventh episode airing of 666, ABC canceled the series, and and announced that they would air all thirteen episodes, but pass on the remaining two ordered (the finale was titled 'Lazarus - Part 1'. A few days later, producers announced that they had been given enough notice to be able to rework the finale episode and provide closure for the fans. As someone who watched the show and loved it, I cannot say I was content with the ending they made though. It was very rushed and many plots were dropped.

Final Thoughts:

I would pay money to see more of this addictive and amazing drama. I would pay all the money. It was so good, as I said before, simply addictive. There was so much that could have been done, so much more to explore. The cast and characters were amazing and breathtaking. While it may be dead, you can certainly give it a watch. I highly recommend it. Do it now.

Verdict: Gone too soon.

Did you watch 666PA? Do you miss it? Let us know in the comments below!

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