What Would You Do? - Freeform

What Would You Do?: Freeform

Welcome to the second edition of "What Would You Do?". 

If you've forgotten what this is, there will be a titled posted which is "What Would You Do?:", and after the colon, there will be listed a new network, show, or streaming service, etc. Then readers are to go in the comments and tell us what they would do to if they were in charge of the new title. 

This edition is focusing on the infamous Freeform. Comment below and tell us what you would do to the Disney owned channel if you ran it. Would you make a new schedule? How would you schedule their shows for 2018? What would you change at the network? What would you renew? Cancel? Pick up to series? Un-cancel? Bring back? Just anything you would do if it were your channel. There are no boundaries. 

Have fun with this in the comments below!

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