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Jonathan: CBS' fall comedy slate doesn't seem to have any hits mixed in it (Young Sheldon excluded). The shows do not really have buzz, but at the most watched network (😏), that's not surprising. I think 9JKL will do well enough to get renewed thanks to its lead-in basically keeping it alive. However, this didn't help The Great Indoors, but maybe that's because that show simply was not the best (so I hear). 9JKL doesn't seem to be a terrible show, so I think it will do decent enough to get renewed.

Rebecca: I don't expect this show to be CBS's next breakout hit. However, I think it could be a decently performing player, especially given its Big Bang Theory exposure for its first few weeks. I think it'll end up retaining a solid portion of its Kevin Can Wait lead-in and it'll be renewed.

Ahmad: Seems like another comedy that fits right into CBS's library of multi-cams. The Big Bang Theory lead-in should help it early on, but I expect a collapse when it has to air alongside a muck weaker Kevin Can Wait. Cancel

Jordan: 9JKL is lucky to have the network's best lead-in, The Big Bang Theory, at least for a few weeks. I expect it to start out well, but it will likely have a sharp drop once it follows Kevin Can Wait. I don't see the network being as lenient with this year's sitcoms as last year, and this one simply won't be strong enough to get a second season. Cancel

Bridger: Linda Lavin is a powerhouse, but it is doubtful her comic prowess can carry this dated sitcom.  CBS always juxtaposes their favored and/or weakest freshman sitcoms in the plum Big Bang follow-up slot.  In this instance, Little Sheldon is favored, and 9JKL is the weakling.  Forecasts for Monday are looking weaker, and 9JKL is forecasted to be this season's Man With a Plan, traveling with the current and never distinguishing itself.  The show is ON THE BUBBLE.

Me, Myself & I

Jonathan: I'm honestly conflicted with this one. It has zero buzz, and isn't getting good reception, but it never really screamed flop to me. I always thought it would be a meh performer and squeak by with a renewal. But as the weeks go on, and the bad reviews increase, I've made the hard decision to go with cancel for this.

Rebecca: CBS really hasn't had much singlecam success in recent times, with just Life in Pieces sticking. With an incompatible lead-in of Kevin Can Wait, I can't see this show premiering very well.  I also don't see it doing that badly. However, CBS has too many comedies to keep a (likely) mediocrely-rated comedy on the air. Cancel

Ahmad: This comedy has very little buzz and will also have questionable lead-in support from 9JKL. Plus, single-cams rarely work on CBS. A renewal would shock me. Cancel

Jordan: CBS isn't giving this comedy the kind of scheduling that will inflate the ratings of Young Sheldon and 9JKL. The network doesn't have a good track record with singlecams outside of Life In Pieces, which is scraping by thanks to its fortunate scheduling behind staples like The Big Bang Theory and Mom. I see the network watching it very closely and potentially replacing it with Man with a Plan if the ratings justify such a move. Cancel

Bridger: Sadly, MM&I is damned to the 9:30 timeslot, a loser on all evenings save for ABC Wednesdays.  MM&I is in direct competition with Superior Donuts and fellow freshman 9JKL for survival.  If Kevin Can Wait collapses, the evening will be a free-for-all with uneven ratings.  This show is ON THE BUBBLE

Wisdom of the Crowd

Jonathan: This show screams Pure Genius situation to me. The premise seems to be almost the same/it has no buzz, and I never thought it'd be picked up, and when it was, I was sure it would be getting canceled. However, it has a really good lead-in that is football, but I don't think that will be enough to save it. Cancel.

Rebecca: I had some serious doubts about this show when it was picked up, and to be honest, I still do. It's too much like APB and Pure Genius, which were huge flops. However, airing on Sundays should get it some decent exposure due to football, so I think it'll end up having a strong (though frontloaded) seasonal average. Renew.

Ahmad: CBS has very low standards for Sunday nights. Additionally, Wisdom will be boosted by football in the fall. It'll have to do really bad to not make it out alive. Renew

Jordan: This show is destined to have a string of solid ratings due to football, which should help make it a decent performer for Sundays. The concept looks relatively fresh and accessible for a CBS procedural, so I could see it possibly doing enough to keep casual viewers interested. Renew

Bridger: The premise is unnerving and screams "ick".  However, cancellations are not handed out because of one reviewer's dislike for a show.  Wisdom of the Crowd has potential to resurrect the procedural void left by 2003's Cold Case, which also had several episodes of disturbing material.  The bar is low on Sundays, and somehow this series seems to have the strength to at the lease score in the 1.0 or higher range.  RENEW


Jonathan: Buzz, Max Theriot, decent concept, good lead-in, David Boreanaz = easy, easy renew.

Rebecca: This is one of TV's million new military dramas, and I think it's the one with the most staying power. It's got a great lead-in from Survivor, occupying the slot held by Criminal Minds for over a decade, it's got a big star in David Boreanaz, who's starred in three long-running dramas, and it's got a concept that will probably be embraced by CBS's older, more conservative audience. I don't think it'll be a big hit, but it'll probably do just fine. Renew.

Ahmad: The competition it'll face won't be very compatible and it will have a good lead-in. Renew

Jordan: Despite there being several new military-themed dramas on network TV this fall, this show has a solid lead in David Boreanaz and a pretty comfortable time slot that should give it a chance to develop a decent following. Renew

Bridger: It is a good thing SEAL Team showed up, as America needs more military (shows).  But then again, how many crime-solving shows took over the 2000's until well into this decade?  SEAL has received adequate promotion and boasts an appealing cast.  RENEW


Jonathan: This is easily CBS' most buzziest new drama. It has a really good cast, and Shemar Moore should bring in some viewers. The concept is also really good for the procedural network, and should be a fresh take on the genre (for once) for viewers to enjoy. I don't think this will be a hit due to the timeslot, but that doesn't mean I don't think it will be renewed.

Rebecca: This was one of CBS's buzziest pilots, but after its pickup, it received a crappy timeslot on a night with high completion. I think that in the post-Survivor slot, this would have thrived, but I can't see it doing all that well in the slot that saw Pure Genius, Training Day, and The Amazing Race all do numbers ranging from mediocre to abysmal. Due to the timeslot and timeslot alone, Cancel.

Ahmad: Similar to ABC's 10pm timeslot on Tuesdays, Thursdays at 10 is a death slot for CBS. Last year, the dramas that aired there did very poorly and were canceled. Additionally, Amazing Race fell significantly in the ratings when it moved there. The chances of it performing well are low. Cancel

Jordan: S.W.A.T. has a recognizable and strong lead in Shemar Moore, but the scheduling will be its biggest enemy. Thursdays at 10 is horrible for CBS dramas in seasons past. While the show seems topical and buzzy, it will have to do more than I see it being capable of to get another season. Cancel

Bridger: If a show was evaluated by content vs. timeslot, views would be different.  However, Thursdays at 10pm have a rough track record for CBS.  Pepper in CBS' relationship with Moore, and meet 2018's Quantico.  The quality holds, even if the timeslot doesn't.  RENEWED

Young Sheldon

Jonathan: While hardcore The Big Bang Theory fans are not happy about this spinoff, I doubt that will do anything. It has a lot of buzz, and it's association with the parent series should be enough to get it renewed, especially in this day and age of TV.

Rebecca: I have my doubts on Young Sheldon's potential. It looks more like an ABC comedy than a CBS one, because as I mentioned above, singlecams aren't CBS's thing. However, this show has tie-ins from the Big Bang Theory (aka the #1 comedy on TV) to help it succeed. I think that while it won't be the success most are anticipating it to be, and it certainly won't be the next Big Bang Theory,  it'll be a solid player for CBS. Renew.

Ahmad: Joey, Three’s a Crowd, Top of the Heap. It's unlikely that you've heard of any of those shows, but I'm sure everyone knows what Friends, Three’s Company, and Married with Children are. Ultimately, spinoffs of popular sitcoms usually don't work. While Young Sheldon will get to air out of its mother show, I still do not see it doing well enough to score a renewal. The show is just way too different from 'Big Bang Theory'. There will be initial interest, but it will fall hard in the following weeks. Cancel

Jordan: It may not compare in the slightest to the original series, but I don't see this spinoff doing badly enough not to return, especially when CBS will compare its numbers with those of 9JKL and Me, Myself & I. They have a lot riding on this one, so I expect it'll at least get a second season so as not to make it look like a total failure. Renew

Bridger: The Wonder Years, Goldbergs and Big Bang jelly into one showing, properly given the post-Big Bang development bed.  The quality is there, and casting/writing appears to be carefully constructed.  One cautionary observation is period pieces are costlier, even if they are on display from 1989.  LS serves a function of longevity, as TBBT is up for renewal in 2019, and sitcoms seldom live beyond that shelf life.  Once TBBT goes, something will have to assume its timeslot.  LS provides a seamless bridge like Frasier did for Cheers in 1993.  RENEW

Leave your thoughts in the comments below! What do you think'll be renewed? Canceled?

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