Make Your 2017-18 Season Predictions

In three weeks from now, premiere week will be in full swing, and TV will be exciting again. To pass the time, as we are officially in the dead of summer, The TV Ratings Guide is introducing a new prediction post.

Below you will find several different topics to predict all regarding the 2017-18 season. Leave your predictions in the comments below!

  1. Most surprising renewal of the season 
  2. Most surprising cancellation of the season
  3. Most surprising breakout hit of the season
  4. Most surprising newbie flop of the season
  5. Highest rated newbie of the season
  6. Veteran series that flops this season
  7. Veteran series that is up y2y
  8. First renewal of the season
  9. First cancellation of the season
  10. Three bold predictions regarding the new season (new and old shows)

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