NashvilleCMT Season 5 Finale Review

NashvilleCMT Season Five Finale Review

"Reasons to Quit"

It's NashvilleCMT's first CMT finale, and for the first time in two years, I know it'll be coming back again next year as I write this.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Deacon is meeting with Jeffrey to talk about what would happen to Highway 65. Jeffrey offers to buy it under his label. Jessie says goodbye to her son. Juliette is hot because the air conditioner went off. The power goes out at Highway 65, as Zach has canceled their account.

Highway 65's account has been drained. Daphne is going to a pool party. Highway 65 moved operation to a studio. The girls talk about Jessie and Deacon making music. Gunnar has found Zach. Deacon goes to talk to Zach, who taunts Deacon. Juliette and Glenn are at a pre-American Music Awards party. Daphne tells Deacon that Juliette stole Maddie's song. Deacon tells Juliette he will drop her.

Jeffrey meets with Alyssa and Zach. Jeffrey makes an offer to Zach. Scarlett tells Gunnar that they were asked to play the Bluebird's anniversary show. Daphne is at a pool party. Juliette calls Avery and gets an idea, and contacts MacKenzie Rhoades.

Polly flirts with Avery. Daphne is jealous to see Flynn talking to someone else. Daphne talks to Jake, Jessie's son. Gunnar talks to Scarlett about his life, she tells him to search his soul by himself. Jessie drives Daphne and Jake home to Deacon, and the writers slipped in that her son has social anxiety so forced. Will talks to Zach and Zach tries to tell him he made him accepted, but will says that he already was accepted and breaks up with Zach.

Everyone but Juliette and Avery has gathered at the Bluebird. Deacon and Alyssa talk about life and "what is good for them". Alyssa then kisses Deacon. Gunnar tells Scarlett that not everything is his fault, and she finds fault in everyone. Gunnar says he is done trying with her. They then perform, and the entire audience notices their sad and chemistry-lacking performance. Scarlett starts to cry near the end. MacKenzie calls Zach and tells him off, saying he destroyed Rayna's legacy and label. Zach threatens her with lawyers. He hangs up. It is then revealed that Juliette gave her the story, but  won't let her print it. She says she has a story she will love that she can print.

It's storming out. Polly comes to Avery's room and apologizes to him. On the news, they see that Juliette has withdrawn herself from her nomination and admitted to stealing Maddie's song. Avery leaves to go home and see Juliette. She didn't answer her phone and he has to drive home in a thunderstorm. Deacon and Daphne talk about Jessie. Jessie and Deacon have a scene, she tells him to take care of himself. Zach yells at Deacon for contacting MacKenzie, he denies it, but Zach doesn't believe him. Deacon asks him why he is still here, and says he thinks he is lonely. Deacon proposes a partnership to Zach. Scarlett and Juliette talk about her actions. Juliette watches the American Music Awards. Maddie performs there. Scarlett moves out, but keeps a key. Avery is still driving home. Maddie does not win. Avery makes it home. Deacon and the girls drive back home as Maddie exclaims she feels free.

Review: 2.3/10

Too much of a deal was made over the song being stolen. So stupid, unrealistic, and contrived. Most of the episode was bad, if not all of it. The final act was average, but the song ruined it. Did not like the wall to wall Deacon this episode, and season.  

A look on the bright side: Juliette almost had lead-worthy screen time this episode, and there was Javery. The final act was the best I've seen this season since 501.

What did you think of "Reasons to Quit"? Are you quitting now? What are you excited to see in season six? Comment below!

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