NashvilleCMT S5E21 Review

NashvilleCMT S5E21 Review

"Father On"

It's almost the finale of Nashville's first CMT season, and this week, Zach starts to go crazy, while viewers can spot Juliette in the kitchen again, and Will making a cameo.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Deacon gets a text telling him that they have a slot open at the Opry. Maddie is prepping to shoot a commercial. Zach is telling Deacon that they need to keep going to keep Highway 65 on the map. Avery calls Juliette who is at home saying Cadence has a cold, Avery is living the tour life. Deacon and Daphne tell Maddie she is the star. Deacon is working a lot. Maddie is at a party with Alyssa. The mascara people for Maddie's commercial tell Alyssa that the song doesn't connect with their mascara. Alyssa sings a song. 

Maddie is having a hard time on set, as the director keeps making changes and yelling cut. Deacon and Jessie are in the studio together. Avery is on the phone with Juliette (we don't see her), apparently she's at home with a sick Cadence.  Avery unloads about his troubles with Juliette and their relationship to some girl on his tour bus (an Erin I think, if you remember her). Maddie keeps getting directions from the director that are hard to follow and abstract, and the director keeps getting mad at her. Alyssa tells the director Maddie needs a break.

The mascara people want to change Maddie's lyrics for the song. Deacon is rehearsing at the Opry. Zach calls Deacon and tells him that Maddie had a breakdown on set and he needs to talk to her. Maddie tells Deacon that her songs are all she has. Deacon tells Zach and Alyssa that Maddie doesn't want to sell out, but they show Deacon a contract he signed that allows the commercial people to do whatever they want. Zach tells Deacon if he can't get Maddie in line, he will quit as he is sick of doing everything, and at the end of his ninety days, Highway 65 will be out of money.

Avery sings a song, and there is a montage that shows him and Gunnar and the girl from earlier hanging out. They then all talk, and Avery gets a phone call from Juliette that he ignores. The girl tells Gunnar and Avery that they need their freedom. Gunnar tells Avery the girl was into him. Deacon meets with the artists of Highway 65 (Juliette isn't there for reasons beyond me) and talks about Maddie's situation. They all back Maddie. Deacon says if they don't back Zach, it will be the end of Highway 65. Maddie says she'll change the words, but Daphne and the Scooby-Doo gang tell Deacon that's not what Rayna would have wanted, and they'll back Deacon on whatever he does.

Jessie drives Deacon off to a trail and makes him go and take a walk. There are some very cringe-y lines about birds singing, and Deacon talking to Jessie about being okay.

Deacon meets with Zach and Alyssa, and Deacon tells Zach that they won't change the lyric in Maddie's song. Zach gets angry and says that there is no way to get any money if they don't do branding, Deacon walks out. The new Erin tells Avery if he ever wants something less complicated to let her know. Maddie tells Deacon Rayna would have been proud. Pam Tillis introduces Deacon, and he sings a song. Then another one. And then ANOTHER ONE. Zach, Alyssa, and Jessie watch as Daphne sees Deacon hugging Jessie. 

Way too much Deacon. Some of us did not enjoy watching him perform for six minutes in a row, after he took all the air time.

I miss hearing Juliette sing. I miss seeing Juliette have multiple, long scenes per act. I miss Juliette having her own plot. I miss Juliette being the lead. I miss a time when the lead and original cast were not sidelined for new cast members and teens. I miss the riveting drama. I miss when the wonderful Hayden Panettiere had something to work with. I miss when Will didn't miss a fourth of the season. I miss Nashville.

A look on the bright side: Hayden Panettiere looks stunning in the season finale promo, as usual and I really enjoyed Avery and Gunnar's backstage plots.

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