NashvilleCMT S5E20 Review

NashvilleCMT S5E20 Review

"Speed Trap Town"

I'm back after a week off. Let's get this over with, shall we?

*Spoilers Ahead*

Maddie is nominated for an American Music Award (so unrealistic), and so is Juliette. Jessie sings a song to Deacon. Gunnar comes back home to Texas to visit his grandma, who is about to die. Scarlett is at Deacon's old house when she hears a noise, grabs a knife, and hears the noise again.

Scarlett goes to visit Deacon and the girls. Maddie suggests she take self defense class. Juliette talks to Glenn about the war with Maddie. Gunnar runs into an old flame. Deacon and Jessie talk about recording.

Gunnar talks with his old flame. Scarlett goes to self defense class. Gunnar and the girl walk around an old school. Gunnar has a flashback to getting some bad news as a kid in school. The girl asks to see him again.

Jessie and Deacon talk at a studio. Scarlett talks to Deacon. Jessie has a visit from her ex. Gunnar looks at his old house.

Deacon and Jessie record and talk a lot. Maddie tweets something to Juliette that she doesn't like. Scarlett goes back to self defense class. Gunnar talks to his old flame about his life when he was a kid.

Jessie and Deacon talk again about her career. Gunnar apologizes to his grandma and sings her a song. 

Review: 0/10

Complaint of the Week #1: NO WILL AGAIN. OMG. HE'S MISSED 7/20, AND DONE STUFF IN ONLY 4/20.
Complaint of the Week #2: Juliette has no plot and she was hardly in it (3 short scenes), she's the forking lead, guys. She used to have multiple scenes per act! 
Complaint of the Week #3: Everything about Gunnar was so cringy. The writing has gone down the tubes. Oh, and why do the characters only now talk about food and drinking? It's bad writing.

A look on the bright side: Juliette's personality kind of showed through in her few scenes tonight, so there was that. And Hayden still shined in her scenes. She's why I'm here. 

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