Nashville S5E18 Review

Nashville S5E18 Review

"The Night Before (Life Goes On)"

*Spoilers Ahead*

Deacon is talking to a foster home about where they will put Liv. The foster home asks Deacon to get something Rayna wore for an auction. Juliette is talking with a video choreographer. Scarlett and Gunnar meet with Alyssa to plan a commercial shoot. Avery talks to Deacon about raising Cadence (she said her first sentence off screen), and ends up comforting Deacon about Rayna's death. 

Maddie has plans at a concert she is playing and Daphne has a party to go to. Avery tells Juliette Cadence said another sentence (and we didn't see it). Scarlett and Gunnar start work on their commercial. Juliette is having trouble dancing during her commercial. Avery gets to Atlanta and flirts with a bartender.

Maddie helps Daphne with makeup. Scarlett and Gunnar find out they are selling a crib. Juliette is having trouble dancing. Deacon arrives at the benefit. Daphne gets to the party, it's small. The girl's parents leave, one girl screams "who wants wine?!" --- Eye roll---- Then, within an instant, everyone starts rolling on top of each other making out, trying to eat each other's face. --- Kid you not, rolling on top of each-other. ----

Avery is drunk after the show in a crowded room, Juliette calls wanting to talk, when the bartender takes his phone, so Juliette decides to let Avery enjoy his night. Daphne and Finn talk. Jessie gets to the benefit, and switches her and Deacon's name cards so they do not have to sit next to each other. Scarlett and  Gunnar are filming their commercial when Scarlett breaks down and cries.

Scarlett has a mini-breakdown on set. Jessie has a rough meeting with her ex. Daphne and Flynn talk again. (Sorry, I didn't pay attention, nor did I want to. I believe they talked about kissing and birds). Avery talks to the bartender, drunk, about Juliette, and she flirts with him. Maddie and Daphne talk about the party. We see some scene at the auction. 

Scarlett has Gunnar stop to get milk. Deacon comes to comfort Jessie while she tells us about her personal life for five minutes. We know more about her life, Clay's life, Hallie's life than we do about Javery, or Will. Juliette calls Avery, where she gets jealous for a bit. They then talk about their life and who they are. Avery likes his life with Juliette and Cadence, Juliette tells him to do the tour. Scarlett and Gunnar come out of the store. A teen asks them to buy them beer and Gunnar says no, he pulls a gun out on them. Scarlett drops the milk, angering the teen who pushes her into a car, hitting her stomach on the car, and the kids run away after taunting Gunnar.



Complaint of the week: Predictable, boring, badly written, oh and Javery are married.
I can say one good thing about this week, the ending scene, however  badly written and contrived it was, felt like NashvilleABC. The drama was there, the tension was there, we just need these plots to be all episode, every episode.

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