For Your Summer Binge Consideration: Riverdale

For Your Summer Binge Consideration: Riverdale


This is the third article in a series of articles that a few of us will be writing this summer. This is the For Your Summer Binge Consideration series. Each article will talk about a show that will be returning for its second season in 2017-18, and why you might want to watch the first season before the second season premieres. We continue with Riverdale.

What comes to mind when you think of the CW? Superheroes and romance dramedies, right? Well, that wasn't always the case. Years ago, the CW used to be a haven for fascinating teen soaps, filled with drama, romance, and action. Recently, they have strayed away from that genre (which, in my opinion, may be the best genre of them all), but Riverdale has brought them back to it. 

Last season the CW debuted the new teen-mystery soap based on the Archie Comics Characters. In the first season, as a new school year began, the town of Riverdale also began reeling from the recent and mysterious death of Jason Blossom. Riverdale appears to be your everyday, small town, but that is far from the truth. Behind every corner of every character's life lurks a dark secret, or a personal dark side, just waiting to be let out.

First, let me start off by explaining how well the series was produced. Riverdale is a small town, and the creative team couldn't have delivered on the small-town feel and characters better than they did, which really added to the show's greatness. From the first scene, up until the last of the season, Riverdale felt special. The clever, and witty writing, the setting, the sets, they all had something authentic, and special to them, which really allowed you to get invested into this town, and these characters. I am confident that no other teen soap (or show for this matter) has been able to create such a wonderful feel, and setting. Everything this show does feels real, everything and everyone pulls you in to this dark-Wayward Pines town.

As I mentioned, Riverdale is a teen-soap, and the creative team couldn't have brought those elements better. Each episode, while still focusing on the main mystery, showed us a little bit of the teen's lives. Their secrets, their romances, their backstories, what they did in their free time, the team truly managed to create a likable group of kids, and give us fascinating stories for all of them. Whether it was about their family, or their life in the present, everything was crafted beautifully. A decade ago, most teen soaps (even the most addictive ones), did not balance the show's central drama plot well with the teen's lives, Riverdale does. 

Aside from the fascinating and well crafted personal life plots, Riverdale's first season mystery was top notch. The Archie Comics series really brought the drama. As previously mentioned, Riverdale's first season focused on a town shocked in the wake of a mysterious murder of teen Jason Blossom. When first checking out the series, I was skeptical as to how well the mystery would be done, and I also thought that the only drama of the show would be the murder mystery. I ended up completely wrong. First, the murder-mystery was done extremely well here. Being a horror buff, I have seen nearly every single murder mystery movie or television series, and before Riverdale, I had never seen a murder mystery done so exceptionally well. I always figured out the whole mystery within a matter of episodes, sometimes one or two. Riverdale had me guessing all season long until the final reveal. Just when I thought I had figured everything out, the clever writers surprised me and made me rethink everything I had thought to be true. Every little thing in Riverdale has a point in the overall mystery, which makes it so intriguing. Secondly, I mentioned I thought the whole season would be a stretched out, and later tedious mystery that became uninteresting, I was wrong. Riverdale proved it could have several ongoing mystery plots, and plotlines to really kick up the drama. While the murder of Jason Blossom was not always front and center in each episode, every episode showed us more riveting drama, and posed new questions, and brought the viewer deeper into the show and the character's lives.

I've mentioned a few times that Riverdale is, and felt really special. A large part of that came from the amazingly interesting characters. From the star billing characters to the guest appearances, every single character introduced was interesting. Not a single face was one dimensional, or boring. Every character, from Archie, to Pop (the owner of the gang's hangout, Pop's) was very well written. The residents of Riverdale were so layered, which is what you want in a show. Fascinating characters that make you care about the drama the show is doing. If you want me to become invested in a show, you have to have interesting characters.  With every character, there was much more than  what met the eye, and that was definitely where a lot of the freshman season's fun came from.

 The trend of our "For Your Summer Binge Consideration" articles has been to list some of the best episodes of the series in case you may not have time to watch a whole season. I simply cannot just give you a handful of episodes to watch for a number of reasons. One, Riverdale is serialized, and you would be quite confused if you decided to watch episode seven, and then episode thirteen. Another reason is this show is just too good to not watch the entire season. Riverdale is extremely bingeable.  The second the first light comes on your screen in the pilot, the show pulls you in, leaving you wanting more and more. So once you finish reading this article, go to your nearest CW streaming service, or Netflix, or On Demand, whatever, and binge the full-addictive-intriguing-extremely fun-first season of Riverdale.

Riverdale's second season MOVES to WEDNESDAYS with the season premiere coming to a T.V. near you on OCTOBER 11TH at 8|7C.

Still don't have you convinced, or you're waiting for Netflix to load? Check out the official series trailer below!

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