Nashville S5E5 Review

Nashville S5E5 Review

"Love Hurts"

Nashville is back, coming off of two great weeks. Can it stay good? Let's find out.


Scarlett and Gunner are shooting their new music video, Scarlett finds her dress inappropriate. Rayna notices her missing box that Randall stole. She finds it in his desk. Clay decides to take Maddie to a new part of town to hear a new type of music. Clay performs, and shows Maddie around some old sights. Maddie tries to kiss Clay, but he tells her he should get her home, and that she is still underage, and it is illegal.

The Exes are filming their music video, and it is weirder than a Gaga at her worst video. Scarlett is not having the most fun. Rayna and Bucky question Randall about stealing. He breaks down and says he just wanted something for his mom. They end up finding out that he did not send the letters or flowers. Rayna tells Bucky she is scared, as it keeps happening. They agree that Randall should no longer work at the label. Maddie is writing a new song, and Clay tells her to play it for him, he asks her to come play it for him. Rayna is not the happiest to hear about Maddie dating someone. Scarlett and Gunnar's music video is getting weirder by the minute. Scarlett is still feeling uncomfortable about the video. Damien and Gunner go out for a drink, Scarlett decides to stay home, not happy.

Clay tells Maddie they can't date because he's black, and she's white and rich. Damien gets Gunner to talk. He says that Scarlett can be selfish, and there was someone on tour. Scarlett is having trouble act in the music video, she finds it degrading. Damien is not enthused. Scarlett tells off Damien, and tells him what she wants. He gets angry, and makes the camera guy delete everything they have filmed, trying to force Scarlett to work harder.

Gunner tells Scarlett that she can walk away if she wants to, but Damien convinces her that the music video will be worth it. There is a method to his madness. Maddie goes to see Juliette, who is doing well, and can move a foot. Juliette gives her some good advice. Clay is performing, and is asked to play a song, that he does not want to. Tensions arise. Rayna stops by, and realizes that Scarlett is not comfortable. She asks Zach if she should do something, and he tells her nothing is wrong. Maddie finds Clay, and he is beaten up, and collapses.

Maddie is waiting at the hospital for Clay, but can't see him. Zach talks to Will. He asks him what Luke is doing for him, and tries to get him to let him get Will a magazine piece. He gives Will his number. Scarlett is not wanting to do weird things on the video, and Damien loses it again. He tells her she is a doormat, and that she is not famous because of that. He eventually gets her to film the music video. Clay tells Maddie that he is bipolar, and gets angry easily. Maddie wants him to be himself, and with her, despite his issues.

The video gets finished, Damien says he treats people how he does because it makes good work. Scarlett is not happy with Gunner telling Damien about their personal life. Rayna tells Maddie that she needs to let her and Deacon know where she is going. Clay introduces himself to Rayna and Deacon. The episode ends with a crazy guy racing through Highway 65, telling Rayna he needs to give her something, and shouting if she liked his letters. He is escorted by Bucky, screaming, as Rayna shouts to call 911.

Songs Review:

Before You - 7/10

The World Don't Owe Me Nothing - 6/10

In Love - 6/10

Review: 8/10

This was a meh episode. The plots were strong, and fairly interesting, but this is now the second episode that excluded Javery, with one member not even in the episode, and the other only having 20 second of airtime. I hope this is the last time an episode is done like that. If Javery was in the episode, it would have been a wonderful episode. So, in summary, decent plots, but it needed the Javery aspect to  it.

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