Nashville S5E4 Review

Nashville S5E4 Review

This week will be a week of big decisions on the new, and improved #NashvilleCMT.

"Leap of Faith"


Juliette is going through physical therapy to try to walk again, and she wants to seek advanced treatment. Will and Kevin are working on finding an apartment. Kevin is not enthused when he hears that Will had a gig, and did not invite him. Rayna is looking for a cheap director. Juliette is still feeling awkward having Avery take care of her. Juliette tells Avery she cancelled her shrink appointment. She still really wants to walk, but is experiencing pain. She is also not taking her pain medicine.

Deacon and Rayna are preparing a meal for Zach. Rayna is hoping that, with his money, he can help Highway 65. Will is looking at apartments, Kevin is late, and has told them that he and Will are only roommates. (If you get why..) Will gets flirted with by the guy showing the apartment. Juliette is trying out the advanced treatment. A machine that holds you up, and try to walk on, like a treadmill. She has a panic attack before she does anything, while having flashbacks of the plane crash. Alyson tells her that she will get through this. Rayna and Deacon welcome Zach at the Bluebird. Scarlett and Gunnar perform. Zach tells Rayna that he wants to take apart in Highway 65.

Deacon thinks Zach's offer is weird, and wants to know what Zach is getting out of it. Will is trying to avoid Kevin, but this does not work, and makes for a funny scene. Kevin asks Will what he thought of the apartment, and Will is being very distant. Zach makes an offer to Rayna to help make Highway 65 flourish. Juliette tries to get from her wheelchair to the shower, and falls out. Avery finds out that Juliette hasn't been taking her medicine. Juliette tells him that she can't, because she does not want to get addicted to it. She ends up telling Avery she does not want his help, and that she hates it, and she knows it is not what he wants. Avery gets fed up finally, and tells Juliette that she has been annoying since he met her, and that she refuses to ever let anyone get close to her and help her.

Kevin is upset to find out that they did not get the apartment. Juliette has Emily take her to the church, to pray. She makes Emily wait outside. Juliette goes to pray, and asks why her? She asks why her, and not everyone else on the plane. She says she knows it is not because she's the better person, and that she's lost, and to help her. Rayna gets an unknown call from Zach, telling her that Damian George should direct her music video. He is a bigshot movie director, and Zach says that he owes him. In the mail, Rayna gets an unmarked letter, with cut-up roses in it.

The strange letter did not come through the mail, and Rayna is freaked out. Bucky tells her not to lose sleep over this, but just amp up the security. Rayna thinks that Zach's deal is too good to be true. Deacon thinks she should do it after all, and Deacon says it would help the album launch. Scarlett and Gunnar meet with Damien to talk about their music video. Will tells Avery that he feels like he's a terrible person. Avery says that he has "fear of missing out". Will wonders if he and Kevin are not meant to be together. Juliette tells Avery she is scared, because she feels like he is a burden on him. He tells her he knows it is hard, but she says it is harder on him. He says that he wants to take care of her. Juliette tells Avery she never wanted to hurt him, and Avery tells her that he just needs time, after everything that they have gone through.

Rayna meets with a lawyer, and finds out that the contract with Zach has no tricks in it, and is as good as free money. Kevin finds out that Will never sent in the form for the apartment. And, ends up telling Kevin that he does not want to live with him. Kevin tells Will he had a feeling this would happen all along. Will goes to perform, and has to stop the first song, as he is not feeling it. He then performs a song for "someone real special, his first love." Rayna signs Zach's contract deal. Kevin throws Will's things out, breaking them up? Avery comes back home to Juliette, and they reunite.

Songs Review:
 All of Me - 10/10
Burn to Dark - 10/10

Review: 9.5/10

This episode had some really great moments, and overall was really fun to watch. There were one or two slow scenes though. I'm really enjoying the MUSIC RELATED plots! I love this new and improved show. It is everything that it can be, and should be. 

What did you think of "Leap of Faith"? Let me know in the comments below!

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