Nashville S5E3 Review

Nashville S5E3 Review

"Let's Put It Back Together Again"


Last week's episode left me upset, due to the entire episode being focused on, and around the couple that isn't my favorite. I hope this week plots are more evenly distributed. 

Avery is going back to producing. Juliette says that Glenn wants her to start recording again, but she is not enthused about that. Juliette is looking up Hallie. Maddie is working an internship at a recording studio. Avery and Deacon are recording Ashley's first album. Ashley is an internet star. Avery and Ashley clash over how to record the songs. Maddie is sent out to get coffee. While out, her eye catches Clay, a street musician. Maddie drops a coffee, and Clay is quick to help her, they flirt, and I sense a romance between the two.

Juliette and Emily go to visit Hallie, and they have a nice scene as they reconnect. Rayna, Scarlett, and Gunner meet and talk about making a music video. Randall, Rayna's new label assistant, helps tell the Exes about how to make a good music video. He tells them to come and see him. Randall loves Rayna. Clay brings Maddie her song book, and a CD of his music. Ashley does not appear to be the best singer, Avery and Deacon are not enthused. Avery tells her she should try not to do that, and she gets mad at him. Ashley keeps making rude demands, and is being very bratty.

Noticing Hallie's old car earlier in the episode, Juliette buys her a new one. Hallie was not enthused, and said it did not feel right, so she makes Juliette take the car back. Maddie and Clay talk about writing, singing, and Clay's personal life. Clay likes her. Ashley is not singing well pitch-wise. Avery tries to tell her, and she wants him to autotune her. Avery tells Ashley that she thinks she has to do all of these things to make people like her music, but he tells her she just needs to sing, and people will like it. He tries to tell her to sing normally, but she is not moved. Avery quits.

Rayna is approached by someone who wants her to listen to his demo. Bucky tells him that they do not do that, so he asks for a picture. She says to make it quick that they have to get home to her daughter. He then says "So that means she is back home?" Rayna confused asks him what, and he says "Maddie." She just tells him yes. Maddie is complaining about working for the stuck up Ashley. Juliette tells Avery about getting Hallie the car, she regrets it. Juliette tells Avery she knows this is not what he imagined, and she knows she will never get better. Tending to Cadence, Juliette feels her go to the bathroom on her legs, showing she now has feeling in her legs.

Ashley is being very rude to everyone, so Maddie tells her off, and is fired. Deacon tells Rayna, and she is not enthused. Neither one of them are happy about her being rude to Ashley. Rayna tells Deacon that what Maddie did to her was dead wrong, but she still needs him. Will, Avery, and Gunner talk. Will announces he is moving in with Kevin. He tells the guys about Juliette getting feeling in her legs. The guys tell Avery that maybe now he can spend time doing things for himself. Juliette tells Hallie she is afraid. She wonders why when she was a terrible person, and never cared about anyone else, why did she survive, when everyone else died. Hallie tells her she thinks she is getting a second chance. This was a beautiful scene. Deacon tries to parent Maddie, and tell her that what she did was wrong. He briefly mentions how terrible she was with the emancipation, and that if she wants her job back, she has to apologize to Ashley.

Rayna asks Maddie what happened. She tells Maddie she is worried about Deacon, and that she has to make things right with him. She tells Maddie she did a terrible thing, and that she broke his heart. Maddie asks Daphne if she is turning into a bad person, Daphne tells her she is, a little. Randall, the assistant, is still at Hwy. 65, after it has closed. He takes something from Rayna's desk, a box with her picture. Very creepy. Maddie tells Deacon she did not mean anything she said to him, and she wants to start over with him, but she does not know how. She apologizes. They have a nice somewhat makeup scene. Avery goes back to get some stuff from Gunner's house. The doctor has told Juliette she will walk again. Avery asks Juliette what they are right now, and she says she isn't sure. She asks him if he is ok about that, and he says he won't be, until she is. Juliette sings a beautiful song, she wrote. Avery finds some pictures of him when he used to sing (season one). Maddie apologizes to Ashley. Hallie is seen in her old car, it not working. Avery starts to write.

Review: 10/10. This episode was absolutely fantastic. The plots are so very good again now. I really enjoy the new Nashville. The plots are real, the show is real. From the wonderful acting, to the beautiful music, plots, and great writing. I love this show so much. This was my favorite episode in a long time. 

Songs Review:

Ashley's song? - 4/10

On My Way (Hayden Panettiere) - 10/10 A+

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