The TV Ratings Guide's Original Programs Tournament - Second Cycle - Extended

The TV Ratings Guide is looking for MORE brand new original series.

The TV Ratings Guide is looking for its SECOND batch of written original series, set to premiere on the website in 2017. The TV Ratings Guide is thrilled to be entering the developing process again to find even more original series. In the first cycle, over 55 ideas were submitted, with this second cycle looking to be much bigger than the first. In the end nine original written pilot series were ordered to written series, set to be posted on the site in 2017.

Submissions are now open, yet again, to find the second batch of original written series for The TV Ratings Guide to pick up a short written pilot for. The TV Ratings Guide has requested that all readers start sending in their submissions now. Readers will be required to go in the comments below this press release, and submit a short premise of what their series will be about. The deadline is Friday, March 3rd. The best fifteen of those will be picked up to written pilot by The TV Ratings Guide, those that are picked up to written pilot will be required to send in a paragraph or two summarizing the pilot episode, and overall series. Then the best seven or eight (with the option of more) of those will be ordered to a written series. Readers may send in a pitch for a drama, comedy, or interactive game show. One reader may send in MUCH more than one submission. After we have picked up the final shows to written series, the winners (the shows picked up to series) will be allowed to write episodes, or plot summaries of each episode, and they will be posted here at The TV Ratings Guide." Please note that the winner whose show(s) is/are picked up to series do not have to write anything, they just may bask in their glory of being winner of the tournament. The TV Ratings Guide loves this new feature that is original to our site. It was so much fun the first time, and the outcome was amazing. We can not wait to continue this great original idea.

The TV Ratings Guide is one of the fastest growing independent TV news source of all time. Started only a little over a year ago, the TV Ratings Guide is already a huge, and primary source for everything TV. The TV Ratings Guide is still growing, and adding more and more features every day.

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