Our Podcast Is Now In A Lot More Places...

If you missed the podcast that Hunter (HV) and Jon (Middle of Nashville) gave to Pop Culture Cosmos on behalf of The TV Ratings Guide, you can find it now in a variety of different places. In addition to on Game Source's YouTube channel, you can find it on the following platforms:

-Pop Culture Cosmos's iTunes podcast, as well as on Google Play
-Sticher.com (http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/pop-culture-cosmos)
-Podcasts.com (http://www.podcasts.com/pop-culture-cosmos-8c5da7012/episode/Pop-Culture-Cosmos-Episode-Eleven-766a)
-ESO Podcast (http://esopodcast.com/pop-culture-cosmos-episode-eleven/)

On the podcast, our part starts at ~27:30 and will be continued into the next podcast if you want to listen to only our part, though there's also some great stuff in those first 27 minutes.

It should also be available on Tangent-Bound Network and their Podcast Radio Network in the near future.

We hope you all take the time to listen to this podcast as well as the next one!

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