The TV Ratings Guide's Take On...Son of Zorn

With FOX only premiering one new comedy this fall, Son of Zorn has managed to get its own article. See what our take is on how the show will perform and leave your own thoughts below!

Full Boyle
Born gets the best slot on the entire network: post-Simpsons in the fall, which means frequent boost from football. FOX is comedy-starved at the moment. I don't think Son of Zorn will be a break-out hit or anything, but it should do good enough to get by. The concept is strange, but I still think it'll be sampled because of the concept. It will perform well on football nights, and do okay on non-NFL nights. It probably has around the same retention of The Simpsons as Bob's Burgers and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Zorn will likely do good enough to survive, but would probably crash on its own. Still good enough for FOX, plus the relationship with Lord-Miller for The Last Man On Earth and Making History is probably a plus. RENEW

Animated shows have had very little presence on broadcast recently, which makes this show hard to predict, but I'm leaning toward renewal right now.

Every network has a new show that they really like. ABC this season is Designated Survivor, NBC seems to be This is Us. You get the picture. I believe FOX's is Son of Zorn. It was announced quite some time before May, so it has gotten a lot of early exposure and buzz. I think the show will do alright for the collapsing FOX, but not great. It should be renewed.

Son of Zorn could flop, but it has everything going for it right now: post-NFL premiere, solid spot on the Sunday night lineup, has the Lord-Miller team behind it, and seems on-brand for FOX Sundays (on-brand being off-brand-for-broadcast-TV shows). Given its part-animated nature, it takes a relatively longer time to make than some other shows, which is why it won't get a backorder, but if it performs decently enough out of the gate I think we could be looking at the season's first renewal.

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