The TV Ratings Guide's Take On...American Housewife and Speechless

Once again, The TV Ratings Guide comes together to create a collaborative article. This one will be
predicting which new fall shows will be renewed and canceled. Participating alongside myself are Full Boyle, Luke, Jon, JB, and HV. It will be broken into numerous segments for your reading convenience. Shoutout to Full Boyle for coming up with the idea.

American Housewife

Full Boyle: Housewife gets the post-Middle slot which hasn't been known to produce many hits, not to mention The Middle itself will likely decline more thanks to a move to Tuesdays. There is no buzz for this one, and it faces tough competition from The Voice and NCIS. It'll be lucky to get a back order. CANCEL.

HV: I think that viewers will prefer Speechless over this, so it'll end up canceled.

JB: Canceled.

Jon: Hailing from ABC comes yet another family comedy, but the catch for this one is she isn't as good looking as the other mothers. I honestly don't see anything to attract people to this show, it doesn't stand out in any way to me. But, I could most likely say that for ABC's other 100 family comedies, and they all do fine. Clearly ABC knows that their audience is family comedies, judging by the amount of them. So they'll just order any random show and think it will do well. And most of the time, that is true, but ABC has had a few not do as well as others, say Fresh Off The Boat compared to Modern Family. I think American Housewife will be one of ABC's outliers, and not do too well. Probably premiere to something around a 1.7-1.9, and then fall/stabilize around a 1.1-1.3. I could be wrong, but I think that is what is most likely to happen. It should be renewed, but don't count on that as these are just guesses.

Luke: American Housewife is a complete wildcard to me because of its slot, which is in the middle of ABC's risky Tuesday-night comedy block. If The Middle can succeed in leading off the Tuesday comedies, American Housewife will probably be renewed and utilized once again next season. If the whole Tuesday-night comedy block is a big failure, I'm thinking ABC will scrap it next season and American Housewife may end up being cut because of it. For now, however, I'm thinking likely renewal for this one.

theratingsjunkie: I'm not liking the time slot for this one. Sure, The Middle launched Suburgatory (which even then was short-lived) and helped grow The Goldbergs into what it is today, but let's not forget about shows like The Neighbors, Family Tools, and Back in the Game, all on brand for ABC that could only muster mediocre at best ratings behind The Middle. And considering The Middle will be weaker on Tuesday, I don't expect all that much out of American Housewife, and the time slot shows they prefer Speechless to this one. CANCEL.


Luke: With Speechless, I believe ABC has found its next comedy staple. Speechless will likely get a premiere in the mid 2.0s and then gradually decrease to the high 1.0s by the end of its season, but no lower. Speechless will be a very stable show and will be renewed for next season to help ABC with the growing problem of Modern Family nearing its end.

Full Boyle: This one is another ABC family sitcom that fits well with the other ABC comedies ABC has. It airs post-Goldberg which is a solid performer, and doesn't have the hardest competition. It probably won't break out, though thanks to compatibility will do well enough to stay on the air, though will do much worse than what last year's lineup did in the time slot. RENEW.

HV: I think that this will add to the diversity of ABC's family comedies, and viewers will accept it, leading to its renewal.

JB: Renewed for the buzz factor, unlike American Housewife.

Jon: Speechless is yet another family comedy from ABC, but this time, I think the show will do well. It has a nice premise, the type I think ABC was looking for. So, with it already being a family comedy it should do just ok, but then Speechless has a different, good premise, and I've seen only positive talk for it. I think it will be renewed.

theratingsjunkie: Speechless will be the weakest link in ABC Wednesday's lineup next season, and it will be tough to say if it was worth it to actually break up The Middle and The Goldbergs for this one. I don't see it doing any better than the other second-tier comedies that have historically aired in this time slot, and The Goldbergs probably won't be doing quite as well without The Middle (though it should still be fine). Sure, it's on brand for ABC, but at this point, what isn't? I predict a renewal and a time slot downgrade. 

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