Cable Renew/Cancel - CMT, USA, and Lifetime: See Where All The Shows Start!

Cable Renew/Cancel: CMT, E!, USA, and Lifetime - Week 1

Hello everyone! I'm happy to introduce a new set of more Cable channels to predict! I hope you enjoy this!
NO EMOJIS - I'm so sorry, but The TV Ratings Guide has been experiencing some problems with emojis and posting them. But, I can't let all the Renew/Cancel Watches get backed up, so I'm going to have to post a few without emojis, until we can get the problem fixed. Sorry!

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Still The King
Toss Up
Million Dollar Quartet
Premieres November 2016 
Premieres Winter 2017

Still the King:
This show is quite tricky to say the least. It is CMT's first scripted show in a good bit of time. It started off renewable, but has faded in its last few airings, now scoring 0.1s. Is this good enough for a channel like CMT to renew? I don't know, but from a ratings standpoint, I don't think any channel would renew this, also Billy Ray Cyrus can't be cheap. But still, we don't know what CMT considers renewable. So for those reasons, the show is a Toss Up.

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Queen of the South 
Certain to be Renewed
Mr. Robot
Likely to be Renewed
Likely to be Renewed

Queen of the South: Premiered very good for USA Network, and then managed to prove its worth by continuing to do well in each following week. It will be back.

Mr. Robot: Premiered way down from last season, but still it did not do bad. Also, it gets tons of attention from critics, and networks love that. As of right now, it will come back.

Suits: Goes down a lot every year, but still always makes the cut for a renewal. The season premiere last week did just fine for USA, so for right now the show should come back. But, it may fall too low to be renewed this year, so stay tuned.

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Devious Maids
Likely to be Renewed 

Devious Maids: While down a good bit this season, it has pulled a 0.3 for every episode. If UnREAL can be renewed while pulling a 0.2, then Devious Maids should be renewed too.

What did you think of my predictions? Do you like this new feature? Let me know in the comments below!

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Certain to be Renewed: 
Likely to be Renewed: 
Likely to be Canceled: 
Certain to be Canceled:

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