2016-17 Season Developing Shows:What Shows Have Potential?

2016-17 Season Developing Shows:What Shows Have Potential?
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We are halfway through the season, which means pilots for next season are well underway. I checked them out, and a good bit of them seem interesting, and have potential. Here is a list of a few hand selected pilots from all the networks, and why they could have potential.


"Damage Control" (Comedy)
You know how in every superhero movie/show the heroes and bad guys end up having some massive fight in the middle of the city, that completely destroys it? Well "Damage Control" is about the overwork and underpaid people whose job is cleaning up these fights. The show takes place in the Marvel Universe, and deals with the aftermath of the unique fallout from superhero conflicts.

Why It Has Potential: Well first, the show is most likely going to be picked up because it is a Marvel show, and ABC is owned by Disney/Marvel, and ABC usually airs all the Marvel shows (E.X Agent Carter/Agents of SHEILD). So that already gives the show some firm ground for a pick up. Besides that, the show all in all seems interesting. The idea is unique, and isn't just your usual comic book based show about superheroes fighting villains. It has potential to do some really great stuff if it gets picked up. The idea is fresh, and the show could be very entertaining.

"The Party" (Drama)

The Party is a twisted drama, that follows a murder investigation that takes place over the course of 24 hours. The case begins at a party (hence the name), in which a body is found floating in the pool. Through flashbacks, the mystery drama paints every guest as a possible suspect.

Why It Has Potential: The Party may seem like your time, and time again, overtold murder mystery story, but it is not. The Party has a different take on things. For one, the entire season is told over the course of 24 hours, which already makes it interesting, and the general setup of flashbacks, and posing everyone as a suspect could be a fresh take on things. ABC already has Secrets & Lies becoming a hit for them, so based on how it does this season, they may be interested in finding another show somewhat like it.

"Still Star Crossed" (Drama)

Still Star Crossed is a sequel to the famous Shakespeare story, "Romeo and Juliet", the show follows the conflict between the Capulets and the Montagues in the wake of Romeo and Juliet's deaths.

Why It Has Potential: Still Star Crossed has potential to be a very cool show. Romeo and Juliet always had an interesting storyline for starters, and if you are a fan, then this show is perfect for you. It'd be interesting to hear more of the story, and see where the show could be taken. With the fame that Romeo and Juliet already has, "Still Star Crossed" could do very well, the story is new, the idea is new, and I can definitely see ABC picking the show up.


"Nancy Drew" (Drama)

Nancy Drew is a contemporary take on the famous book character, who is now in her 30s, and a detective for the NYPD, where she investigates and solves crimes, using her unconventional observation skills, all set in a modern world.

Why It Has Potential: Nancy Drew is already very popular, and a show about her, would undoubtedly garner a good audience. The task is, the show would actually have to be interesting, not just your overused police detective drama. I could see the show becoming very interesting with the cases she'd have to take on, and the way she would go about solving them.

"Out Of Body" (Drama)

Out Of Body is a drama about a former criminal, who inexplicably begins to be able to jump into bodies of people in danger, and prevent them from being murdered using his skills, or he could end up in the body bag.

Why It Has Potential: The idea for the show is already very, very unique and interesting. The show would fit right in with CBS' line up. This show could go to great heights, with its very different, and awesome sounding premise, and the right cases, and setup, Out Of Body, could become big IMO.


"The Watcher" (Drama)

The Watcher is a drama based on real events that surround a young couple, and their two children who move into their dream home, which is in a small town, only to be terrorized by anonymous letters and sinister threats, and trapped in the web of a dangerous mystery.

Why It Has Potential: The whole idea of the story sounds very interesting. But, i'm not sure NBC is the channel for the show. Sounds like something FOX would have. If done right, the show could be very good, the plot sounds like it would keep you on the edge of your seat, always making you want to know more. 


"Fatal Attraction" (Drama)

Fatal Attraction is a limited series, based off of the famous 1987 film, where in the movie, a married attorney embarks on an ill-advised weekend affair with a publishing executive, only for her to begin stalking him and his family.

Why It Has Potential: Fox is really good at making dark themed, horror shows (Scream Queens, Fringe, Wayward Pines, etc), so I could see Fox doing a good job with this show. Also, Fox is in desperate need of a hit, and what other way, than a show based off a famous movie. That is bound to pull a decent audience. But, there is no promising the audience would stay. The show would have to be enticing, interesting, fast paced, and exciting. Not just a boring-twisted love story series. I can definitely see this show getting picked up, and garnering a decent audience for its limited run during midseason or Summer.

"In Deep" (Drama)

In Deep is about undercover FBI agents who live double lives as they investigate new cases each season.

Why It Has Potential: There are a lot of shows out there about FBI agents investigating crimes. But, what makes this show different is the whole idea of the agents living double lives. That sounds really interesting. I could see this show becoming a decent hit for Fox. Maybe airing after Gotham, the two would go together I'd say.

What do you think of the pilots? Let me know in the comments!

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