Top Posts + Comment and Question of the Week (UPDATED)

Our "November Newsletter" just came out, but I wanted to share some more updates:
Top Posts of the Week

Comment of the Week

Ratings would send JTV (Jane the Virgin) to Planet Summer, but critical success probably means it stays Fall-Spring. The Originals has the ratings to either go to Fridays or to summers. I'm guessing Fridays, but it really will be renewed only for syndication if it keeps the way it is. I wish they would save IZombie by putting it in summer, but I think CBS affirmative action is too much for it to overcome. Frankly, since CBS has affirmative action they need to create something people actually want to WATCH, not just push their shows through.

Question of the Week

1) What do you suggest CBS creates for an upcoming CW show?

Page Views Update

We are less than five days into the month, and we have already beat individually the months of May, June, AND July (a.k.a our first three months). It's estimated that by the end of tomorrow, we will have beaten May and June combined. Although we are just five days into the month, we already more than doubled the month of June, beat May and June combined, and also beat the month of July by a significant number. Thanks so, so much, and continue to visit!

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