November Newsletter

The Ratings Junkie Thursday, December 03, 2015
Hey all,

I've decided to make a post about how our November went. Enjoy!

How Did We Do?

The TV Ratings Guide just experienced its FIFTH consecutive month of growth--this time, it was 43%, which is considerably more than the 29% the month before. Our traffic was also nearly ten times that of our first month in May--a month which itself was way higher than the February-April Wordpress days. I could never have imagined such growth--let's hope for an even better December; let's keep the streak going!

Top Posts of the Month

1) NBC Renew/Cancel Watch: Heroes Reborn Likely to be Canceled (October 11) by Luke
2) It's ONLY Smoo's Opinion: How to Get Away with Dismantling a Website by Smoo
3) Thanksgiving ABC Renew/Cancel Watch: Dr Ken is Certain to be Renewed by theratingsjunkie
4) Are Ad Rates Directly Correlated to Ratings?--CW Edition by thratingsjunkie
5) FOX Renew/Cancel Watch: The Grinder Likely to be Canceled (October 7) by Alan

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Alan, Eric, Hunter, Smoo, Luke, Jessica, Jon, Aasim, Jordan, Preston, and Patrick for helping out with The TV Ratings Guide in your own unique ways.

Also special thanks to the fans of the show Nashville on Twitter. You have brought much awareness to our site through your retweeting of our articles. Finally, special thanks to everyone in general for interacting with us, whether it be in the comments section or a simple retweet on Twitter--including the occasional celebrity TV star!

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