Nashville, S4E10-Winter Finale Review & Summary

Nashville, Season 4, Episode 10 - WINTER FINALE - Review & Summary "We've Got Nothing But Love To Prove"

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Summary: It is Markus' album day, and he is nowhere to be found. Scarlett and Gunnar are back in town. Maddie tells Daphne they should work on getting an adult sound. Will is told by the FBI that someone he was doing business with embezzled money, and has fled the country, and Luke owes the government 40 million dollars. Emily tells Avery that she met with Juliette, and that Juliette knows what she did, and she is sorry for it, and knows she is sick. Avery does not believe her, and fires her. Deacon shows Scarlett The Beverly before it opens, and also shows Scarlett Rayna's engagement ring, and tells her he is going to propose. Rayna finds Markus and he tells her that he can not do it.

Markus is worried that people won't take him seriously as a country artist. Scarlett tells Deacon it is hard to see Caleb after their fight, but goes to see him, and make up. During Markus' GMA interview, he is told that some people do not buy him as a serious country music artist. Luke has to liquidate all his assests, to get cash. Avery does not want Juliette to reach out to him, and be around Cadence. Will and Wade decide to go back to Wade's house to make music, surprising Will.

Luke says that he does not feel at home without Colt. Markus performs to a packed show. Avery says that Emily can't be on Juliette's side, and that they can't trust her, or be around her, only to be told he was wrong by Will and Gunnar. Caleb gets a new job promotion in Seattle. Markus album is selling huge, about to go platinum, already! Markus and Rayna go to celebrate the album, and Markus kisses Rayna, disgusting her.

Caleb tells Scarlett that he is going to turn down the job, he does not want to leave her. Markus tells Rayna that he cancelled the tour, and is moving back to LA, as he and the band got back together, Rayna begs him to not, since everything she worked for is based on him. Juliette's therapist comes to see Avery, and tells him that she is ill, and needs to fix her relationship with Cadence, only for Avery to say no, and the therapist to tell him that it will be his fault Cadence and Juliette will never in their life bond. Luke's story about the IRS gets out, and Luke yells at Gabriella, only for her to tell him that it is not her fault, it is his, and leaves.

Maddie meets up with Cash's daughter and says it is hard being in a band with your twelve year old sister, and gets offered to write together. Avery still does not believe Juliette is getting help, Avery tells Emily he is protecting Cadence, but she says he is protecting himself. She tells him she has done everything, gotten help, admitted to postpartum, etc. Scarlett asks Gunnar if they can make the band work from two different cities, and he tells her that they can. Wade tells Will that he enjoyed working together, and then tries to come on to him. Will is surprised, and Wade says that he has it all, and Will could have. Will says he does not want that. Rayna tells Deacon that Markus left, and her label is dead.

Scarlett breaks up with Caleb, only for him to end it much harder. Avery agrees to let Juliette have supervised visits with Cadence, but says termination of parental rights is still standing, Avery asks Emily if he is doing the right thing and she says yes, but he still feels bad. Luke goes to see Colt, tells him he has lost everything, but Colt does not care, and still leaves his dad. Deacon proposes to Rayna, and she says yes. Perfectly ending the Winter Season.

GRADE: 110/100 (Why? PROPOSAL!)
REVIEW: Wonderful Winter Finale! I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I loved the music, the plot, the Deyna, nice to see a happy episode focusing on the music scene. Very good episode, finally getting back to the actual music plot.

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