Jonathan's Fall 2016 Schedule Predictions - December 2015

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Hello everyone! If you don't know me, I'm Jonathan, I usually write the Reality Shows Renew/Cancel Watch, Nashville Reviews, Occasional Other Reviews, and other TV related posts. All of my shows, and everything I write are inactive right now, so I decided to join the trend, and make a Fall Schedule 2016 Prediction! Enjoy!



8-Dancing With The Stars/The Bachelor/Dancing With The Stars
10-Castle (Final Season)

The Monday line up is fine for next year, no changes, except the final season for Castle.


8-The Goldbergs
8:30-Fresh Off The Boat
9-Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D/Agent Carter/Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D
10-The Family

ABC's Tuesday night block is just not doing too well. They should try to break the night, and launch a comedy block, and The Goldbergs could be used to give Fresh off the Boat a boost. And then, we have the 10PM dead slot. I think The Family has a good chance of being a hit, so it may work out there. ABC will most probably renew Agent Carter, like they did last year, due to the fact that Marvel is owned by Disney, and Disney owns ABC.


8-The Middle
8:30-New Comedy
9-Modern Family
10-New Drama/American Crime/New Drama

With the move of The Goldbergs, there is a new slot open in the night, where ABC could launch a new comedy, with the help of its stable veteran hit, The Middle. I moved Nashville. I know the music/tour sales do not help much, but they give it the show a tiny bit more money, but I could still see Nashville getting cancelled. My main/overall reason for keeping Nashville is that the show was very consistent/stable all season scoring a 1.2-1.0 for 8 episodes. The drop to under 1.0 happened when the show's popular star Hayden Panettiere left, which is why I think the 18-49 demo dropped. She is popular among many young fans, and I could see them leaving with her not in it, which I have also heard from a number of her fans on Twitter. So, my point is, I will have to wait and see the numbers when she returns with the show in March to make a firm decision. But, right now I still think the show may squeak out one more season. Yes, it may all be a coincidence, but, it also could not be. Next, I have heard through the grapevine that CMT is interested in airing the show for syndication, but their deal is 100 episodes, so that could do it too. Lastly, the city of Nashville is supposedly helping with costs, so that could be good.

Sorry for being long winded, but I wanted to really explain my reasoning, so I did not seem like a fan just throwing their show in just because they like it. Yes, I do agree with a lot of you guys, Nashville could very well be cancelled.


8-Grey's Anatomy
10-How To Get Away With Murder/The Catch

The Thursday line up is fine for next year, no changes. I can see The Catch being a hit, just like all the other Shonda shows.


8-Last Man Standing
9-Shark Tank/Beyond The Tank/Shark Tank

The Friday line up is fine for next year, no changes, except for moving Beyond the Tank to Shark Tank's slot for midseason.


7-America's Funniest Home Videos
8-Once Upon A Time
9-Quantico/Secrets & Lies/Quantico
10-Nashville (Final Season)

Most of the night is fine the way that it is, and performing well. Quantico and Secrets & Lies could easily move to 9PM (S&L for midseason), whereas Nashville would just take the 10PM slot for the season, much like Revenge did for its final season.

Cancelled Shows: Blood & Oil, Wicked City, The Muppets, Of Kings & Prophets, The Real O'Neils, and Uncle Buck.

Of Kings & Prophets, The Real O'Neils, and Uncle Buck all seem destined for cancellation, but hey, I could be wrong. The Muppets is not pulling in good ratings, and with the Spring ahead, I see the ratings falling worse, on top of being very highly anticipated, etc, The Muppets seems to be a cancellation.



8-The Big Bang Theory
8:30-New Comedy

CBS basically has a good Monday block, but I can see them moving Life In Pieces to Thursday for an attempt to make a strong comedy block. TBBT could easily launch a new comedy. Limitless could work fine here.


9-NCIS New Orleans
10-NCIS: Los Angeles

Limitless is not the best performer, but it could work fine on Mondays so I placed it there, creating one massive NCIS block. One problem though, is that it may be too much in one night of NCIS.


9-Criminal Minds
10-New Drama

The 8 and 9 time slots are very good performers, but Code Black is meh, so I could see the show moving to a new night, which you will see further down, and a new drama taking on the 10 o'clock hour.


8-The Big Bang Theory
8:30-Life In Pieces
9:30-2 Broke Girls/Angel From Hell/2 Broke Girls
10-New Drama

Here is where I think CBS can get a really strong night. TBBT is huge, Life in Pieces is an ok comedy performer which can do fine during the night, and,  Mom and 2 Broke Girls are good performers, which could all put together a decent comedy block. Then, the 10 o'clock would be empty, with my move of Elementary, and if CBS could find a good new drama, then they'd have a pretty good night.  Angel in Hell could become an average performer, and continue to air during midseason.


8-The Amazing Race/Undercover Boss/The Amazing Race
10-Blue Bloods

Well, I'm not too sure on how this would do, but with Elementary's falling ratings, I could see the show moving to Friday nights, if the ratings continue to go down in the Spring(possibly a move to Sunday).


7-60 Minutes
8-Madam Secretary
9-New Drama
10-Code Black

Most of the night is pretty good, except I can definitely see The Good Wife getting cancelled, since the writers planned for seven seasons. Code Black's performance could work fine for the night.

Cancelled Shows: The Odd Couple, CSI Cyber, Supergirl, Hawaii Five-0, Mike & Molly, Person of Interest, The Good Wife.

The Odd Couple was a toss up last year I believe, so I can see the show ending after this year, but, there may me a slight possibility of another season. CSI Cyber is pulling in awful numbers, and Supergirl has performed very underwhelming this year, and it did not receive a full season, which is another sign that points to a cancellation. Hawaii Five-0 will most probably get a final season announcement, along with POI, and TGW, or just flat out cancelled. They are all not performing terrible, but not good enough I'd say. Mike & Molly has already been cancelled.



8-The Voice
10-New Drama

The 10 o'clock hour could be used to launch a new drama, like NBC did last year with Blindspot.


8-The Voice
9-New Comedy
10-Chicago Fire

Tuesday could become a nicely rated night for NBC if Superstore stays making good numbers, and Chicago Fire would stay where it is.


8-New Drama
9-Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
10-Chicago P.D

Good night, but something will be needed to replace The Mysteries of Laura, where a new drama would debut.


9-Chicago Med
10-The Blacklist

Thursday would be totally changed. Blindspot would move to kick off the night, and then Chicago Med would be moved there at 9, with The Blacklist moving to ten for the final season.


8:30-The Carmichael Show
9:30-New Comedy

I can see Undateable staying where it is, and The Charmichael Show moving to Fridays after it. TCS did fine during the Summer last year, and probably will this Fall, It could be strong on Friday, possibly even switching timeslots with Undateable. I think Crowded has potential to be a hit, and would go well on Friday, along with a new comedy. (It could be cancelled though, that's a good possibility) Undateable will probably be a final season.

Cancelled Shows: The Mysteries of Laura, The Night Shift, Heartbreaker, Grimm, Shades of Blue.

Grimm has been going on a while, and will probably end after this year. Heartbreaker, The Night Shift, and Shades of Blue could all possibly be renewed, but I just don't see it.



8-Gotham/The X Files/Gotham
9-New Drama

Gotham will be used to launch a new drama, as always.


8-Brooklyn Nine-Nine
8:30-New Girl
9-Scream Queens

The comedy block of BNN and NG will return, as The Grinder, and Grandfathered, will most probably be cancelled. I can see the possibility of Grandfathered getting another season, but I just don't think so. Scream Queens will return. It did not perform horrible for FOX, despite being a very highly anticipated show, but I think FOX will renew it. I have heard that they loved the pitch for season two.


8-New Drama

I can see Bones being cancelled this year, with all the suits going against FOX, and how long it has been around, etc. So a new drama will take its place. Empire will obviously stay where it is.


9-New Drama

Rosewood could move to Thursday since if it stayed on Wednesdays, with Bones' potential cancellation, Thursday would be two new shows, and I don't see them doing that. A new show will take the 9 o'clock hour.


8-MasterChef Junior
9-New Reality Show

MasterChef Junior will most probably stay on Fridays, with a new reality show taking the 9 hour, and the night would then become reality for Fox.


7-The OT
7:30-Bob's Burgers
8-The Simpsons
8:30-Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life
9-Family Guy/The Last Man on Earth/Family Guy
9:30-New Comedy

Pretty much the same thing, except a new comedy taking Bordertown's place, as I don't see the show being a hit.

Cancelled Shows: Bones, Sleepy Hollow, Bordertown,  Grandfathered, The Grinder, and Second Chance, Lucifer.

I see Bones' current season being the final. Sleepy Hollow is doing bad, and will be cancelled, along with The Grinder. Grandfathered could have a tiny chance at a renewal, but I think that FOX will chose another comedy (i.e. Cooper Barrett).Newcomers Lucifer, Second Chance, and Bordertown will be cancelled.

The CW


8-New Drama
9-Jane The Virgin

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will be cancelled, so a new show will have to take its place. JTV will stay where it is.


8-The Flash
9-New Drama

The Flash will stay where it is, iZombie will be cancelled, so a new drama will take its place.


9-Legends of Tomorrow

I can see LOT performing good, but not that well, so The CW may use Arrow to help boost the show.


9-New Drama/The 100

If the LOT does not perform amazing, and it moved to Wednesday, then the CW's big hit, Supernatural would move to its slot, and launch a new show, which could turn out very well.


8-The Vampire Diaries
9-The Originals

Reign will move to Summer for the final season, just like everyone is saying, so TVD and TO will air on Fridays all season.

Cancelled Shows: I believe iZombie, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Containment will all be cancelled.

What do you think of my schedule? Do you agree? Do you not agree? Let me know!

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