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The Ratings Junkie Wednesday, September 30, 2015
You may have realized a lack of Top Posts publishings on Saturday; I decided to hold off until today, where I can officially list not only the top pages of the week, but also the month and give a little insight on our traffic. As always, clicking on the title of the post will redirect you there.

Top Posts of the Week

  1. ABC Renew/Cancel Watch: The Muppets Likely to be Renewed by theratingsjunkie
  2. CBS Renew/Cancel Watch: Scorpion Certain to be Renewed by Jordan
  3. Ratings Premiere Prediction: Quantico by theratingsjunkie
  4. Analysis of the First Week of TV Ratings by Preston
  5. Reality Shows Renew/Cancel Watch by Jon
One thing seems clear: Renew/Cancel Watches remain very strong on this site. Also notable is that the Quantico ratings prediction article was posted on June 28. My prediction (1.1) was way off, but the vast majority said either 1.5-1.7 or greater than 1.7, so good job! Looks like we had some people curious about how it would do.

Top Posts of the Month

The creator of [Blindspot] said that you can supposedly solve the mystery of Jane's tattoos after watching the pilot episode, but no one has yet to do so

Question of the Week

  1. Where do you think Blindspot will settle in the ratings?
Final Comments on Site Traffic

We have more than doubled our traffic in September from August, and traffic is up 7 times from the month of June. I don't even know how much traffic is up from back when I was running the site by myself on Wordpress, but let's just say it's astronomical. Please everyone, continue to visit, comment if you would like, and tell your friends about the site. Word of mouth is our best means of growing even more, and don't hesitate to comment on suggestions for the future and how we can improve. Thanks!

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