The TV Ratings Guide Fall 2015: What to Expect

Hi everyone,
Can you believe that the fall 2015 TV season is almost here? I wanted to let everyone know that The TV Ratings Guide is about to evolve into a real collaborative effort with more features than ever. In addition to an increase in articles in all things related to TV ratings, you will be seeing a lot more reviews, a lot more Renew/Cancel posts, and really a more frequently updated site than ever. I am so excited to announce that there are ELEVEN of us right now, and I wanted to give everyone a sense as to who is doing what. 

First of all, you probably noticed that eleven is a really large number for us, as there were just four of us a couple weeks ago. You have already seen posts from a few of them, and others are in the process as well! So, here is an official breakdown of what you should expect, at least for now:

Renew/Cancel Related

  • Me: ABC (Friday)
  • Jordan: CBS (Saturday)
  • Jessica: The CW (Saturday)
  • Alan: FOX (Wednesday)
  • Luke: NBC (Sunday)
  • Jon: Reality (Friday)
Ratings Related
  • Me: Charts and graphs of ratings, possibly sub-demo breakdowns
  • Alan: The TV Ratings Guide Weekly (Tuesday)
  • Preston: Weekly Ratings Analysis (Tuesday or Friday)
Review Related
  • Hunter:
    • Life in Pieces
    • Blindspot
    • Fresh Off The Boat
    • Scream Queens
    • The Middle
    • Modern Family
    • How to Get Away with Murder
    • Brooklyn 9-9
  • Aasim
    • Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
    • Scorpion
    • The Goldbergs
  • Mr TV
    • NCIS
    • NCIS:LA
    • NCIS:NO
    • CSI: Cyber
    • CSI finale
    • Angel from Hell
    • Limitless
    • Hawaii 5-0
    • Scorpion 
  • Jon: 
    • Nashville

The goal is for all reviews to be posted a day or two after the airing. Now I know this seems like an awful lot of reviews; keep in mind that it is not a guarantee all the new shows will be reviewed after premiere week, and that many other articles will be posted throughout the week too. So no, we're not becoming The TV Reviews Guide :).

  • Eric: What Went Right/Wrong; What's Trending article series
  • Me: Questions of the Week, Hit Shows that Could Have Been Cancelled After One Season, Ad Rate and Revenue series, etc
  • Jessica: Historical ratings-based posts

This is an iffy one, as we really don't have one set person doing the news right now. We will be covering major news (like a renewal, cancellation, or pilot order/pickup); whoever finds such newsworthy content first and also has available time will be the one to post it.

However, Luke will be our primary news poster.


I think that's it! What are all your thoughts about how The TV Ratings Guide will be these upcoming few weeks? I'm definitely excited and hope you are too.

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